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More news in from Wolf

by Arnie

Click here to visit WolfWhile I’m getting some updates in (and munching on a tub of HaagenDazs – they were out of Ben and Jerry’s) there’s some updates from Wolf that can be added in from Benny:

New in at Wolf Armouries UK! A set of replica Multicam uniform (shirt and trousers) for only 54.99!

A fantastic set of replica Multicam uniform with all the additions and extras of an ACU uniform. It has sleeve pockets with Velcro for attaching patches, elbow and knee pockets for soft knee and elbow insert pads, slanted easy access chest pockets, and much much more. We have compared the material to real Multicam and it is IDENTICAL! Comes in sizes of S-XL. We have helmet covers as well.
Limited stock in our first batch but pre order yours now! (pre order discount does not apply to this product)

A must have for all GHOST RECON fans!

Full metal M4 Special Operations AEG by G&P:
Not just full metal but it comes with rail covers, red dot scope and other extras. It is also internally upgraded to 300- 328fps.

KTW Springfield M1903A3:
A very rare WW2 spring powered rifle. Very Limited quantity.

HK M4 front sight by Hurricane: For all those who want that something different. Makes your M4 simply look great and is also a very practical and easy sighting system.

M870 CQB Shorty G&P:
A full metal little beauty of a shotgun with many extras.
Comes in 2 variants. 0.7J and 1.3J

DPM camo knee pads: A soft shelled British camouflage knee pads that are very comfortable and finishes your British Army load out very nicely.

Tanaka Tactical Light for USP / P8:
As we all know, USP45 and P8s use their own mounting system that is very different from the Standard weaver rails. Tanaka has released a light unit that is specific for your USP45 or P8. Limited stock and difficult to get. Benny, (Wolf Armouries)

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