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New Systema PTW charger

by Arnie

Kumi (Systema Engineering) has sent over shots of a new charger of theirs. Here’s the details from them:

Scoop about the new charger for PTW! We are going to announce the charger next week; however, I would like to inform you in advance because I took pictures of the prototype yesterday.
We plan to produce 1000 pcs this time, and I think at most 500 pcs will be available on July 1st and they will be sold out soon.

After the formal announcement next week, we will start to accept the general reservation.
If you know the number you want me to keep, please let me know by e-mail.

The wholesale price is same with PTW related products.
The fixed price will be $180.

The picture is not so good; the real item will be many times better.

The black one is for professional; however, it will be the standard, so you can order this.
*The red one is the first time limited, and there are only 300 pcs. Please make reservation immediately especially for this.

The real item is much greater. I love it so much.
Conventional SYSTEMA parts high performance rapid charger has several functions; however, this one doesnt have the functions.

However, if you connect 4 connectors, all get charged automatically, it is very easy and convenient.
There is no instruction manual; everything is written on the charger itself. Anyone can use it easily and quickly.

There are still some days before formal announcement next week; however, I decided to inform because the prototype worked perfectly in our factory and we began mass production.

Best regards,


A multitude of groundbreaking features

  • Compatible with both Ni-Cd as well as Ni-MH Batteries
  • Able to charge Battery Packs between 7.2V-12V
  • Currents between AC100V-AC240V are allowed. Compatible with most countries household outlet currents.
  • Capable of charging up to 4 battery packs. The batteries will be charged in sequence.
  • After charging the battery, it automatically switches to a trickle charge.
  • All operation is switchless. Easy operation by simply connecting the battery.
  • Add to the amazing ease of use, this high performace charger is equivalent to chargers used in professional applications.
  • Able to adjust to the various characteristics of every type of battery while charging.

Example of Charging Batteries in Sequence, Connection Sequence:

  • Connect 7.2V / 2400mAh Ni-Cd battery pack in Channel 1
  • Connect 8.4V / 3300mAh Ni-MH battery pack in Channel 2
  • Connect 12V / 2400mAh Ni-Cd battery pack in Channel 3
  • Connect 12V / 700mAh Ni-Cd battery pack in Channel 4


Channel 1 superceeds Channel 2 in the charging sequence. Once charging is completed the charger will switch to charge sequence Channel 3 then lastly Channel 4.

What’s more

As you would expect, it is possible to charge anywhere from 1 to 3 battery packs at any time. Kumi, (Systema Engineering)

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