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NLAirsoft – vote for the most innovative manufacturer

by Arnie

News from [NL] Airsoft.com is that they are holding a poll to find the most highly voted innovative manufacturer at their site, so to cast your vote head on over their way:

[NL] Airsoft.com, starts an election of the most innovative airsoft manufacturer worldwide. Please vote in our poll which airsoft manufacturer is most innovative for the airsoft sport according to you. Nominated are SYSTEMA, Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, ICS, G&G Armament, G&P, Madbull Airsoft and Star Airsoft.

Think of SYSTEMA’s PTW (max) series, the challenge kit and their complete drop-in mechabox. Classic Army introduced a lot of new models, most important maybe the M249 which came at a high quality level against affordable prices and made it finally accessible for the big public. Tokyo Marui introduced the AEP platform with their Glock 18C and MP7 and off course their famous M14. ICS introduced high quality AK series next to their armalite series, most importantly their AK74M. G&G came with a lot of new interesting models, most importantly the M14, RK104/RK103, PM5A4 and their UMP. G&P continued the production of great accessories most recently their illuminated M16 style mags which are an alternative to the tracer systems. Madbull came also with several great accessories, like their CO2 upgrade conversion kits, the powder landmine, their high quality grenades with launchers and the new line of precision barrels. Star Airsoft introduced several accessories and spare parts, think of the AK drum mags and MP7 mags. Most important are their new AEG’s: The L85 series, M249 series and the UMP.

The big question is; which manufacturer had a big impact in the worldwide airsofting scene! Please vote now in our poll! Voting will end on the 30th of July.

Check our website for further info. SlickAxe, ([NL] Airsoft.com)

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