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RAP4 Airfin

by Arnie

Here’s an interesting one from RAP4, a 6mm BB with stabilising fins. The new design is specifically for their shell ejecting range only, and not conventional 6mm designs. RAP4 claim that the winged BB is “the first of its kind”, and whilst it is a pretty unique shape the design and idea of a winged BB does, to my recollection, date back to the very early Airsoft replicas. Here’s the news:

Real Action Paintball Airfin–The New BB

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release the RAP4 Airfin for RAP4 Generation 2 Airsoft guns. The RAP4 Airfin is the first BB that is aerodynamically designed for long-range targets.

The RAP4 Airfin is 6mm in diameter, 11mm long and weighs .19 grams. Designed for Airsoft gaming, it gives players better accuracy and increased distance to engage opponents while youre safely out of their range!

Each RAP4 Airfin is loaded in a shell casing to feed into the RAP4 from the 20 round detachable magazine; the shell casing ejects out of the gun just like a real M4!

RAP4 Airfin BBs are designed for long-range shooting. Four fins stabilize each BB in flight, just like a torpedo, so they glide through the air for the maximum distant possible. The head of the RAP4 Airfin is oval to reduce wind resistance for increased accuracy.

RAP4 Airfin is the first of its kind, and gives Airsoft players the edge for wining battles! These fin-stabilized BBs take Airsoft to a new level of realism: realistic magazine capacity, shell casing ejection after each shot, and extreme accuracy.

RAP4 Airfin will change how Airsoft games are played, and take your sport to the next level of fun, realism, and excitement.

RAP4 Airfin–available in September 2006 through www.rap4.com and fine retail locations. KT Tran, (RAP4)

Edit: Ah yes someone reminded me (thanks Brian), the Airsoft BB with fins was the Asahi Blade Bullet, which you can see shots of over on the AirsoftPlayers review of the Asahi M40A1.

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