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2roy Tactical products

by Arnie

Troy dropped me a line to let everyone know about 2roy Tactical which is a new shop producing unique products of their own, which will be apeparing in the major shops around the world very shortly. If you’re looking for 2roy products in the USA I understand that you’ll need to speak to JAG Precision. Here’s the news from him:

I established “2roy Tactical” and finally we have made M203.

This is actually my second project.

You can see in the pictures the M203 is made of 50% aluminium and 50% plastic because I believe that the CA and G&P options are too heavy to use in Airsoft games. So I decided to make a more economic hi-grade BB launcher under the name of “2roy Tactical“.

The most important feature of my M203 is that this M203 is compatible for all kinds of the M4 series. Basically people cannot install M203 to M4 Devgru/M733 because of the short barrell. My M203 has another adaptor in the middle of body which can be install in the front sight position (see the attached images).

You can easily understand how to use it.

When using the mount near the sight the front adapter does not look that good. So you can easily take this out when you strike the mount that it is on with a hammer.

Basically these parts are designed to endure high stress. That’s ok when you use this for normal M4, as it’s very strong. Do not worry about crack and other thing.

If you do not use hammer, you cannot take the front mount off easily.

Regarding the second adaptor, you can change this from sling hook to rail.

This is my M203, the “2roy Tactical“. Retail price will be around 50-60% of the competition’s.

Another product from us is M4 hi-cap magazine.

There are three types.

1. Navy seal, 2. Delta Force, 3. H&K.

It is cheaper than the competitions and works very well.

In the attached shots you can see the 65rnd Navy Seal low cap magazine and the 300rnd magazine.

In U.S.A. JAG Precision are our exclusive distributors. Troy, (2roy Tactical)

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