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Latest Publications from Airsoft Press

by Arnie

Weather too hot for you? Run out of articles to read on the forums? We might have a solution. Mike from Airsoft Press has been in touch to let us know about the latest publications they’ve released:

New publications from the AirsoftPRESS:


In the world of AEG, we have MP7 replica primarily from TM, which is based on an AEP like mechbox architecture. This title focuses on the TM implementation of MP7, although most concepts can be applied towards the other AEPs as well.

Based on the contents of our highly successful Practical AEG Upgrade title, this e-book goes one step further by covering MP7 specific performance and maintenance issues.

MP7 Upgrade & Maintenance is organized based on the primary objectives of high FPS upgrade, high ROF upgrade and high accuracy upgrade. In addition, step-by-step disassembly instructions are included so you may open up the mechbox and perform upgrade & maintenance tasks at ease.
Further information on this guide is available through: http://www.airsoftpress.com/mp7upg.htm


Following the successful launch of the MP7 SMG, TM is going to roll out a series of automatic SMGs based on the MP7 mechbox architecture. The MP7 mechbox has an architecture almost totally different from the regular mechboxes. This guide aims at showing you how to assemble and troubleshoot this new mechbox. Instead of solely focusing on gear shimming, we pay close attention to MANY small and frequently-ignored details (in addition to shimming) that are in fact critical to the smooth operation of your SMG mechbox. We also guide you through the steps required for achieving the best possible air sealing and compression effect.

Further information on this guide is available through: http://www.airsoftpress.com/smgmechbox.htm

Thank you. (Mike, Airsoft Press)

Sounds like there could be some interesting articles there for some of you folks out there, so it certainly worth paying the Airsoft Press a website a visit for more information!

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