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Airsoft Extreme Newsletter – October 2006 rev 1.0

by Arnie

header01Before I hit the sack here’s the latest AEX Newsletter (you can read the full post by clicking the “more…” link at the bottom of this post):

AEX Newsletter Latest Intel… Welcome to Airsoft Extreme’s email newsletter and thank you for subscribing. The purpose of our newsletter is to provide you with the latest news, products, and sale updates at Airsoft Extreme as soon as they become available. We may also occasionally offer news and discounts that are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE COUPONS: These coupons expire on November 20, 2006 and there is no limit of use! Only 1 coupon may be used per order. These coupons also apply for any preorder items and sale items!

  • $10 off $100 minimum order. Coupon code – xb70news
  • $20 off $250 minimum order. Coupon code – b57news02
  • $35 off $400 minimum order. Coupon code – b52swen01

bh-01bBLACK HAWK TACTICAL GEAR DISCOUNT: 20% DISCOUNT off all Black Hawk Industries tactical products is available through this exclusive Airsoft Extreme/Black Hawk internet gateway link that is different from the one on our website –

redsol-01aRED SOLDIER COMBAT GEAR: We welcome Red Soldier as a preferred site resource for our customers to acquire quality authentic Russian and former Soviet bloc tactical gear. Please check them out.

aex clearance01

AEX HUGE CLEARANCE SALE (UP TO 50% OFF!) We have a whole bunch of items on sale. Check them out!



The VFC416’s sold by Airsoft Extreme offer versatility unmatched by those offered by other US dealers. All of our exclusive offering of VFC416’s come with a 10 inch barrel and a screw on outer barrel conversion piece to allow you to easily change the gun to the 14.5inch barrel configuration. You essentially have TWO guns for the PRICE OF ONE. We are also offering a superior 2000mah custom NiMH battery (sold separately) rather than the normal 1700mah NiCad battery offered by the manufacturer for their PEQ2 battery box. Current ETA on the shipment is sometime in the end of October. Visit our site for more information.



The Steyr AUG A2 is the equivalent model to the Tokyo Marui AUG SR. With the Classic Army AUG, you get the durability and upgradeability of Classic Army’s 7mm bearing metal gearbox, a 330rd hicap magazine, unique serial numbers, and authorized STEYR ARMS logos.

CA spr

The M15A4 SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) replicates the appearance of a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). DMRs with an appropriate optical sight give trained infantry squad members the ability to engage enemies with near sniper precision while offering the firepower of a standard issue rifles.

CA M15comp

The M15A4 CQB Compact offers the advantages of a highly compact CQB weapon about the same length as a collapsing stock MP5 but with the familiar and comfortable controls of an M4. These guns come with a rail mounted flip up adjustable rear sight, the same ultra-reliable and upgraded 7mm bearing gearbox as the current M15 CQB, 300rd hicap magazine, and unique serial numbers.

CA M15compSEAL

The M15A4 CQB Compact SEAL differs from the CQB Compact in that it has a free float barrel gas block and rail mounted detachable front sight.

op lc5

OPERATION LION CLAWS 5 DVD COMING SOON Preorder price is $12.50. Regular price will be $15. Delivery begins in mid-October.

arms09 06OTHER NEWS: Airsoft Extreme recently introduced ARMS magazine to our friends at Tactical Response, a well-known tactical training school in the US. The resul t was a feature article in ARMS #9 and a segment in the upcoming Gunner DVD #6. You can see images of the article and the class in our website’s image gallery.

Preview to Gunner DVD #6.

IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS WELCOME: As our loyal customer, we value your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us at feedback@airsoftextreme.com (no product and sales inquiries please).

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