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European airsoft distribution company: Airsoft Assist

by Arnie

image001The guys behind Airsoft Assist have dropped in an email with a news release from them about their European airsoft distribution company. Here’s the release:

Dear Sir,

We would like to announce our new European airsoft distribution company named Airsoft Assist! Airsoft Assist is located in Belgium and supplies very interesting brands like Airsoft Surgeon, Viper Tactical Gear, RICO Tactics, KAN BATTERIES, WEB-TEX, Leapers, JB UNICORN, FOGTECH etc.

“Thank you for visiting our website. The sport of Airsoft, often called softair, has seen a tremendous growth in its popularity worldwide over the years and esspecially in Europe. Airsoft Assist intends to develop an inventory of unique and high quality airsoft products. We will work closely with consumers and manufacturers to establish a wide-range of product lines with uniqueness, innovative, affordability, reliability, and safety in mind. Whether you’re an experienced retailer or a beginning retailer, we’re “aiming” to offer you the ultimate Airsoft wholesale experience.


Airsoft Assist is dedicated to provide quality products and service. We offer highly competitive pricing and skilled technical support. We have over 5 years of Airsoft retail and in-game experience! Whether your airsoft needs are recreational, law enforcement, or military, our network of manufacturers makes it possible.

Our dealers benefit from our online catalogue. Our customers can review our products there, get detailed product information, see real-time stock status of supplies and can place their order directly! This is a very fast and pleasant way to order your products. Above all your order will be processed the same day!

If you are an established airsoft retailer or which to become an airsoft retailer, please contact us! We would like to supply you and your customers with our brands and service. Please take a moment to fill in our retailer application form and become an official dealer of Airsoft Assist! Our sales staff will be pleased to assist you with any questions about our products or the ordering process.”

Herman Boer (Sales & Public Relations, Airsoft Assist)

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