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XM8 kit video

by Arnie

For anyone looking for a bit more info about the XM8 kit news posted earlier there’s a video of one of the completed kits floating around the net that Qhs in the forums uploaded. You can find the video here. The video is 2.8Mb in size. With information about kits such as this (little to no information about the source available) rumours are abound about the location of the kit manufacturers and if it’s a true or not – as ever best to make your own mind up, and be wary before jumping to conclusions.

All that you can tell from the shots and the video is that someone somewhere has made one of these kits, and that someone with 40 positive trading feedbacks on the Japanese Yahoo auctions is advertising them on a pre-order basis. Past that, there’s no more than can be assumed. There are rumors that it’s a hoax.. but seeing as the auctions aren’t valid for international orders there would seem to be little point in attempting such a scam. With any luck someone known and trusted like Star or PGC (who we know are looking into making one anyway) will mass produce some XM8 bodies in the near future.

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