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Fallout National Game 07: March 10th/11th 07

by Arnie


The chaps at Fallout have mailed in news about their next national game that’s going to be held on the 10th and 11th of March next year:

Fallout National Game 07: March 10th/11th 07. Bramley Training Estate, Hampshire

In the year 2011 the Novosibirsk oil refinery is the largest oil processing facility in Europe; providing Russia and neighboring counties with 95% of the oil needed to maintain a modern life style.

About 70% of the UK’s oil comes from this facility, with other Western countries slightly lower. This heavy dependence on Russian oil has left the major Western European leaders uneasy about the safety of their countries economy seeing as it appears the Russian oil source is their only viable option.

In the Middle East tensions are also running high – since the U.S pull-out of Iraq in May 2008. Which in turn saw the U.S oil interest move focus to Russia. This has seen Arabian oil prices drop dramatically increasing the instability of the region and creating a grater dived between east and west.

Total anarchy is about to erupt in these countries and leaders are desperate not to let the situation slip to that of five years ago. For oil prices to rise again, the U.S would need to be forced in to resuming focus in the Middle East. This is not possible with Russia providing Europe’s oil.

On the Russian border, troops continue to clash. The attacks from the Serbian resistance have been gradually moving further and further into Russia. The last attack on a hospital in 2010 resulted in the death of thousands of innocent Russians. This forced Russia into finally accepting a multination peace keeping force to secure the border.


The U.N and Russian governments have raised the security statues and deployed more troops due to the number of reports of a possible terrorist attack on the oil refinery. This would acquire funding from the Middle East for there own cause.

The effects from any such attack on this facility would be felt all around the World and so must be protected at all costs.

The ATE, Bramley is a amassing site with varying terrain and woodland, large buildings, bunkers and road ways. We will also be providing a large indoors safe area for players to rest and recharge on there brakes. Attending the event will be a number of Airsoft and surplus kit dealers to wander around during the weekend.

The games will start on 1200 hours on Saturday and end at 1200 hours on the Sunday with games and pyro effects continuing through the night. There will be a number of ex army vehicles on the event so helmets are advised but not vital.

  • The event is open to any one 14+
  • Fps aeg’s 330 fps
  • Single action snipers 500fps
  • Cost £85

More information is available on the website (www.TheFNG.co.uk) or by contacting us direct on 01268 – 551555 / 729242, 07716 025676, Fallout_airsoft@hotmail.com.

Sam, (http://www.thefng.co.uk/)

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