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OP. WWIII will be moved to SC Village

by Arnie

The chaps behind OP WWIII that’s held in California (November 19th) have moved the event to the SC Village. I’ve been up there myself and it’s not hard to find at all. Here’s the latest:

NEWS UPDATE: OP. WWIII will be moved to SC Village. Where we will have a 10 Acre Jungle!!!

Good news! Sorry about the last minute change of the field. Due to popular demand and the nice guys at SC Village, we will be doing WW III at SC Village instead. We are allowed to use a large 10 acre forest!


All other rules remain the same. Our representatives will be calling all the pre-registered players.

  • WHEN: Nov, 19th, 2006 8:00am ~ 4:00pm
  • WHERE: SC Village
  • WHY: To experience an exciting, live war game simulation, fire your airsoft gun and hang out!


S.C. Village is at Hellman and River Road in the City of Chino. Park Address: 8900 McCarty Road, Chino, CA 91710

From the 60 Freeway: Exit Archibald head South; Right on River Road; Turn left at Hellman Road; Enter private road to S.C. Village.

From the 91 Freeway: 91 freeway east to the Lincoln Ave exit. Go North on Lincoln and make a left turn on River Rd. Make a left on Hellman and a right on McCarty. Enter private road to SC Village.

Click on the link to read more about this article to see the full event briefing.

Operation World War III will combine all we have learned in the past operations to ensure all attendee a great time.

Game Scenario Briefing: Operation World War III will be like a big live game of Star Craft and Counter strike. Inspired by many great minds, we have came up with the scenarios. The large filed at SC Village we will be utilizing covers a large village city and endless woodland and forest.

All forces will start at a corner of the field, from their spawning, regenerating beacon.

Fighting thru the trenches and bunkers, each force’s ultimate goal is to put their Commander’s hand on the beacon in the city, located in the middle of the field for 15 minutes.

If at any time a force’s spawning point is overrun, the entire force is eliminated.

Regeneration time will be 10 seconds to one minute* at each force’s specific spawning point.

Airsoft is a game of honor, a tactical training, simulation and a game of fun…

The below rules are the basic rule of Airsoft. We ask all the players attending our event to read and fully understand all the following rule as your basic preparation for the game. Don’t let your childish acts ruin everyone else’s fun.


No screaming and Yelling. Absolutely no complaining, yelling and screaming on the battlefield. If you were to encounter problems, address it to the referee or an Evike.com staff.

BBs are cheap! If you shot someone and he did not call his out, he probably did not feel it. Hey, keep shooting him. That’s what this game is all about. It is not about winning, its about shooting people with your Airsoft gun.

Don’t be a cheater. If you know you are hit, call your out. We will ban cheaters if necessary.

Pain is merely weakness leaving your body. If you choose not to wear enough protections or a full face mask. Don’t complain about getting hit where it is not protected. It is your choice.

Follow the rules! Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else. This includes the rules from the field and from the event organizer.

Have fun! Airsoft is a recreational sport. Keep in mind we are out there to have fun. Our games are non-profit. Our staff work very hard to make sure each one of you who support our event have fun.

Be Prepared Be prepared and be on time. Have spare batteries and enough bb. A backup sidearm is recommended just incase your main weapon fails. Bring lots of hydration.



FPS LIMIT: Velocity limit = 400 FPS. (M120 spring with 0.20g bb).

GRENADE RULE: Will not apply.

BLIND FIRING: Will not be allowed. Blind firing means firing your airsoft gun without even looking at where you are shooting. (Waiving your gun around the corner or above the bunker.)

FACE PROTECTION RULE: Full face mask recommended. Full sealed goggles with balaclava, neck gaiter and other combination of full face protection is ok. Sun glasses and other form of tiny / small glasses are NOT ok. Mesh goggles are not ok.

SURRENDER RULE: Within 10 feet. This rule is hard to enforce, in the event there is a problem, hold fire, step back 20 feet and continue game. Do not intentionally attempt to injury anyone.


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