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December edition of AI and a word from Paul

by Arnie

dec coverPaul, (ai-mag.com) has sent in the cover for the December issue of AI Magazine and a Christmas word from him:

The future is ours! It only seems like yesterday, that was I sitting in front of my PC wondering what to write for the foreword of the Christmas 05 issue, and now we’re here again.

It’s certainly been a year to remember for us here in the British Airsoft Community; we launched ourselves into 06 not knowing if there would be an industry left by the end of the year? But look at us now. The ABA successfully contested the VCR bill and gains an exception by regulation

The Airsoft scene here in the UK has never looked better. Site operators are reporting an increase in new business as are the retailers and Christmas is just around the corner.

Don’t you just love this time of year? I bet there are a few of you “fair weather” players out there that don’t” come on guys it’s only a bit of mud; get stuck in, the gear your wearing was designed to handle it, so you guys can.

I guess it’s the big kid in me? But I’m always the first up on Christmas morning in my house hold and have gotten in trouble before as I make a s much noise as I can to wake my kids up and watch the delight on their faces as they rip open their presents.

Sadly if like me you have been following the developments of the alleged Carbon Monoxide poisoning of a family on holiday in Corfu. I’m sure like us here at AI you were speechless at the pointless waist of two little life’s (Christianne Shepherd, seven and her brother Robert, six). All I can think of saying at this point is that heaven has two new angles. Our thought (As I’m sure your thought) are with their parents

This month as usual we have an action packed issue for you. Jay continues with project Ghost and takes a look at another two new AEG realises CA’s Full metal Ak and Marui FAMAS, Mark Saxby dips his toe into the world of pistols. Christmas has come early for CJ as he takes a look at an affordable Replica C.I.R.A.S… We send JV on his very first night game, Chris carries on taking a look at things that “Float his boat” Toy Soldiers are here; this month we take you through the stages of turning your figure into something a bit special. We finish off part II of round up of Real deal chest rigs. Wannabe this month jumps back in time to GWI and explores the look and equipment of the SCUD Hunters, plus much much more. We also give away a Full Metal CA AK

The BAPS survey is going great guns and we hope to be able to publish the results in the January issue (on sale the 28th December)

Ai has gone from strength to strength in the past 12 months and that’s all thanks to you guys (our reader’s and supporters)
Where ever you are or what ever your doing forget about the petty squabbles out there on the skirmish field. Or what some miss informed individuals think about the ABA and what they have or have not done. If you play Airsoft your part of the Global Community, so lets all pull together and make 2007 a year to remember for all of the right reasons

So from Me, Sharon, CJ, Jay, Chris, Jason, Mark, Mark, Lawrence and Alex (The AI Crew)

Have yourself a great Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Paul, (ai-mag.com)

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