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Airsoft Innovations back online

by Arnie

banner1 small[1]Carl the guru at Airsoft Innovations has droped in an email to say that his site is now back up:

Airsoft-Innovations.com is finally back online in a working state.

Sorry, I’m not much of a web developer. My usual webmaster is busy with another project so I had to dive in myself and see what I could do to get things finished and working again. I’m a heck of a lot better making metal chips than wrestling with HTML.

The current site is a temporary site which will offer propane adaptors and silicone oil until a proper sales site comes in to replace it. There’s no way I can launch a serious shopping cart so AI will offer a limited inventory until the new cart comes in.

The upside is that in the downtime, I managed to work on some new products I hope to launch in a month or so. Testing is going well! I’m excited to bring them to the airsoft scene soon! Carl, (Airsoft Innovations )

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