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Inokatsu AK47S back in at RMW

by Arnie

Ting (Russian Mania Workshop) has sent in some news concerning the Inokatsu AK47S and has an updated stock and price list:

I just get a piece of Inokatsu AK47S.  After that, “The Evil Twins” finally completed.  The major different between this kit and the TM or other brand name AK47S is that, it is again, made of full steel.  See the below picture, the reflective surface texture can only be done by steel.

To complete this evil, you need to install with TM AK47S.  The parts you need are the gearbox, the folding stock hinge and the button.  Nice build as usual.

I still have 1 pcs in stock.  After that, no one knows when it will come again.  I am selling it at $750 for the conversion kit.

Another quick update of the Inokatsu Kits that is available:

  • AKS74U : $400
  • AKM : $430
  • AK74M : $430
  • AKS74 : $430
  • AKS74M : $430
  • AK47S : $750
  • Galil : $950

You cannot get them anywhere in this price and most of the retailers are already out of stock.  Hope you enjoy my offer about these kits.  Contact me at ieting@Yahoo.com.hk for details, paypal accepted.

Ting, (Russian Mania Workshop)

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