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Long Island Airsoft new CQB facility

by Arnie

The guys at Long Island Airsoft have dropped in a line concerning their latest news, which includes news of a new CQB facility and a CQB event that they will be holding at their indoor facility:

Hello, I am from Long Island Airsoft Inc. http://www.islandairsoft.net We just have a few announcements we’d like to pass onto you guys. We just opened a CQB facility, a 3,000 square foot facility. You can find out more info on the CQB facility information page:


Also, we are holding an event there in the next comming weeks. It would be helpful if you could post this event information ASAP. here is a description of the event.

LIAS staff will be hosting a CQB Hostage Take at our indoor field on Saturday March 10th, 2007. 12:00PM – 4:00PM

Location (find it here on mapquest):

LIAS Indoor CQB Facility
Cousins Indoor Paintball
114 Parkway Drive S.
Happauge, New York – Long Island

When you enter the facility, we are on the right walking down the stairs, we will have an Airsoft banner up, and there is a pull down security garage door as well that is well noticable.

$30 for the 4 hour session, you must pay at the field, at the moment we are only accepting cash. if you want to play from 4-8 for force on force after the scenario it is another $30.

Max FPS 340FPS on all guns, AEGs or Pistols
Full sealed paintball mask if you are under 18
Fully sealed ANSI approved goggles + balaclava if you are over 18.

Please here for more info on the indoor:

The scenario will consist of Hostage rescue, and hostage take.

It will consist of 2 teams that will switch every round.

-Team Delta
-Team Omega

One of the teams will take one of the un-armed LIAS staff as hostage, and hide him with at least 2 armed guards in any of the many rooms on the field. Then this team will hold and defend the hostage against the other counter-terrorist team

The other team that is rescuing the hostage will line up outside the entry door, then enter the facility and rescue the hostage, if the hostage is hit by the entry team they will lose points. The rescue team MUST take the hostage back and out of the door in order to get points.

They’re will be a 5 minute time for each round, after every 2 rounds they’re will be a short ammo-resupply time.

After 3 minutes the team attacking as the terrorist team will have the option to kill the hostage and win the round, but if they hold him for the total 5 minutes without killing him they will recieve more poiints.

The point system will work like this:
Hold the hostage for 3 minutes then kill him = 10 points
Hold the hostage for 5 minutes = 20 Points
Rescue the hostage in under 3 minutes = 20 Points
Rescue the Hostage in under 5 minutes = 10 points

They’re MIGHT be one of our CQB instructors on the scene and if he sees one of the teams using the right entry or defending tactics he might add brownie points (nothing over 2 points each round). But this is not 100% confirmed, we are not sure if we will have a CQB instructor on the scene.

The winning team will be announced at 4.

The field will be set up with multiple rooms and hallways, it will be a very realistic feel. (Long Island Airsoft)

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