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Recruiting at WolfArmouries

by Arnie

Wolf Armouries are having a recruitment drive, which they do from time to time as employees come and go. If you’re in the London area and looking for a job in Airsoft retail then look no further:

Wolf Armouries are currently looking to add to our engineering staff. Applicants must be hard working, able to work well within a team, must have excellent knowledge of Airsoft products (AEG internals, gas product internals etc), must be able to find and diagnose problems and be able to help with customers in the shop and over the phone with engineering enquiries.

To apply, send a covering note and CV to:

ATTN: Simon, 203 Royal College Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 0SG

Or send the documents via e-mail to: simon@wolfarmouries.co.uk

James, (Wolf Armouries)

I’ve got a heap more emails to get through, but as I need at least 4 hours sleep before clocking back into work I’ll have to leave them for tomorrow.

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