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Wolf broken into, gear stolen

by Arnie

James at Wolf has mailed in an update to us. Sadly their premises have been broken into. They have asked punters to keep an eye out for any kit that might be linked to the burglary:

We would like to inform all in the Airsoft Community that the Wolf Armouries retail premises in Camden Town, London was broken into around 2am on 23rd May. A number of Airsoft AEGs, AEPs & Gas Blowbacks were taken.

As with the unfortunate event at 6mil Airsoft back in March, our main concern is with the possibility that the replicas taken will be on the streets or be mis-used.

Items taken included a number of display guns with some distinctive

  • TM M16A1VN
  • TM AK47Beta Spetsnaz (with Mk.23 style silencer & Beamshot laser)
  • STAR FNC (with, we can assume, a damaged cocking handle/assembly as the handle itself was broken and left on the premises)
  • STAR SA80A2 with UGL (rear pin for the UGL had been removed. Cocking handle had also worked itself loose)
  • as well as a number of Tokyo Marui Type 89’s, STAR AEGs mainly from
    the G36 range, and a selection of AEPs and Western Arms GBB pistols.

If you see or find and information relating to any of the specific guns above or are offered any suspicious looking or priced guns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any information leading to the apprehension of the thieves and the return of the stolen goods would be greatly received.

You can contact Wolf Armouries on e-mail: info@wolfarmouries.co.uk or telephone 0207 284 0001.

Calls and emails will be kept confidential.

Or call Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111

Thanks, The Wolf Armouries Team

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