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New parts from Modify

by FarEast

 Jane from Modify has sent us some news on some new parts that they have just released. These seem top notch and even designed to address some manufacturing flaws in certain ACM guns. 

Rotary Spring Guide w/ Thrust Bearing

It looks like our standard spring guide, but a new design inside.

It is not only with a thrust bearing, but also with a rotary shaft, this to make the spring effectively spring back.

It’s light and have a high durability. It is a technical art!

Ver. 2/Ver.3/Ver,7 Available NOW!

Stainless Steel Bush w/ Double Oil Tank For Jing Gong (JG) Gearbox

Do you usually rub a metal bush to update your Jing Gong AEGs but waste a whole night doing nothing??

Owing to the dimensions of the Jing Gong (J.G) gearbox is a little different from the stock one, we designed this series of stainless steel bush to fit it.

It is a special size, and with a “Double Oil Tank” design.

Cheers, have a good day!

Jane Liu

Modify Co.


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