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Army Armament R85 Review Arnie’s Exclusive!

by FarEast

Keith from RSOV was kind enough to send us one of his samples to review before the official release. The Army Armament R85 is a Chinese made version of the L85A1, a direct copy of the G&G version that was released earlier this year.

So does the R85 meet the needs of the masses? Find out here.

Army™ Armament is new to the Airsoft Industry and the R85 (L85A1) is their second model released on to the market, the first being their AK 47.

What with companies like Jing Gong and A&K and CYMA already dominating the market with high quality, low cost replicas and the added pressure of the Airsoft community demanding a reliable and cost effect replica of either the L85A1 or A2 Army™ Armament has their work cut out for them.

So is the ARMY™ Armament R85 going to cut the mustard, or is it just a cheaper paper weight like the original?

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