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Systema MP5 news and photos

by Arnie

780-70 Kumi at SYSTEMA has sent an email in to us with some news sent to dealers including some shots of their PTW MP5. Here’s the latest:

SYSTEMA Major Dealers,

PTW MP5: I am surprised at so many inquiries. Although it is a new product, I never got so many inquires until now. I never imagined that we got reservations when not only specification but also price is not yet decided.

We will inform about reservation start as early in 2008 as possible.

Very many inquiries do not decrease at all but just increase, so I report current state:

(1) Production is very favorable. The trial production is completed about 80 percent now.

(2) It already worked. It realized the shooting feeling which we have never felt. It is the best PTW that reached to the extreme performance.

(3) It is very heavy. It is about 4kg! It is so heavy and you need power to holding (Smile).

The difference of the light movement by the ultimate performance of outside rigidity and inside mechanism is remarkable.
Everyone cannot help being surprised, laughing and shooting.

(4)Although we are trying hard not to become more expensive than this, the scheduled price is $ 980, Y98000. It may become a bit more expensive.

We are trying as hard as possible so that we can provide at this fixed price. (Although it is the best performance and quality, we set the fixed price as low as possible so that you all could shoot this wonderful new product this time. If you try this, you can certainly be satisfied. It is the product which makes you feel relatively cheap.)

(5) We will announce it at SHOTSHOW early in February. (Las Vegas, US).
We plan to start selling on March 1st.

(6) We plan to start selling MP5 challenge kit on the same day. (Scheduled price $880, Y88000)

(7) I am very sorry but the number of first time lots is 300.
I am sorry!
Although I expect they will be sold out by reservation, as for the first lot, we will allocate them not in order of reservation but with the number of your order.

(7) We will keep trying hard wholeheartedly so that we can provide more next month. Thank you for your kind understanding

(8) When the number which can be shipped is less than the number of orders, we will ship immediately after we produce it. .

(9) Although I have already got many reservation orders because some definitely wanted to reserve, since the first time lot will be allocation, I have accepted it.  Thank you very much for a lot of inquiries and orders.

Thank you very much.  Thank you for your consideration.

DSC00636DSC00637DSC00639 DSC00640DSC00641DSC00643 DSC00650DSC00652DSC00653 DSC00654DSC00655

The attached is the trial production which I brought to my home.

Kumi Yoshida, (CEO, SYSTEMA Co)

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