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Urban Assault opens next month

by Arnie

Frank at Fire-Support has sent in an email to let everyone know of a new site that they are due to open next month:

Airsoft Shop Fire-Support and Woodland Airsoft Site
Free Fire Zone are proud to announce the launch of a new Urban Airsoft site
called Urban Assault (email games@urbanassault.org.uk).

Located near Peterborough, Cambs, UK
1st game 28th November 2004
Cost 20 walkon, hire guns 40 includes 1700 bb and walkon fee.

Approx 20 buildings , most 2 floors. Multiple entry and exit points.

FPS limits
AEG – 300fps,
bolt action sniper – 380fps (cannot be used to shoot within buildings),
single shot gas pistols – 134A or cybergun gas only (no green or red gas), real support weapons (not AEGs with box mags, M249, M60, RPK) 328 + 5%
(cannot be used to shoot within buildings)
and full auto gas gun limits have yet to be decided.

Frank, (Fire-Support)

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