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by Arnie

A2G2 Shop frontPhew, heck of a week. Gotta love remote terminal logins though. :) Quick round up from my mailbox. Armoured Gallery have a new look shop (map here and photo inset). Monster’s in Motion have a new website design on the way just a few days off, and some new models and 12in statues in stock. Glad to see a new website coming at MiM, as to be honest I’m not a great fan of the current layout.

A new editorial article has been added to the website, check it out to see some fun adverts from Peperami. Yes it’s not always Airsoft related, but it should be a good read. Thanks to Frank the UK Airsoft Map is now back on site, and listed on the LHS menu, be sure to check it out for listings of all your local playing fields.

858Airsoft have updated their website with a new “HowTo” guide. The new article covers how to take a TM SIG 552 to pieces and reassemble it. There is also a new guide on upgrading the spring on the SIG552 too.

First Factory have a couple of new parts in. First is a new three hole trigger set for the TM 5.1 and a "type-s" trigger set for the 5.1, there’s also a new threaded unit for the P99 (looks like the fixed slide Maruzen model). Oh.. better not forget their new battery sling unit. Inset to the right is a shot of their Nine-ball project prototype parts for the TM 5.1.

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