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Biodegradable branded BBs tested with some interesting results

by Arnie

Peter Davidsson, (Vsaf.se) has sent in some interesting news about the available bio-degradable BBs out there. There’s been some suspicion about bio BBs for a bit on the usual online forums, but there has been no actual scientific test results posted until now:

One of our priorities right now is to push Airsoft into a more environmentally friendly activity. For the most part this is focused on using BB’s that are truly biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In light of this we have done lab test on several known brands of BB´s (excel, cybergun, bioval). The lab results can be seen here (if you scroll down a bit, there is an English version).

The short version is that the only BB (of the ones we have tested so far) that seems to be really biodegradable and at the same time environmentally friendly is the Bioval BB. We have contacted Excel and ActionSportGames A/S (the exclusive European distributor of Excel) for a comment on the results and they let us know that they are going to have a meeting in Japan next week and will get back to us with more information in the month to come. We will be in touch when this information comes in. Peter Davidsson, (Vsaf.se)

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