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Random stuff at NASA

by Arnie

As is usual sometimes I thought it was time for a random post about something that has nothing to do with Airsoft. I’ve been having a dig around the ‘net for interesting odds and ends, and thought I’ve have a look for ISS (International Space Station) related links.

One of the most fun links I found was a tracking page for all orbiting satellites and man made bodies above the Earth. J-Track 2.5 allows you to see all of these things, if you go to the spacecraft link you can see the orbiting spacecraft up there, now click on one of interest (like the station), the yellow text bottom right will change to reflect your selection, now you can click on the world map to see when it will next pass over your location. For example the ISS will travel over the UK at about 5:24am later on this morning. There’s a 3d version of this as well. (shots courtesy NASA)

Whilst we’re on the NASA subject, check out their gallery for some amazing photos including shots of Ivan (nice to see a decent Canon EOS up there with them). If you get really board at any point you can always tune into NASA TV for live and scheduled programmes. Never realised it myself, but the ISS currently weighs over 181 tonnes… that’s getting pretty big.

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