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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 30, 2011

by Arnie
  • UFMAC Tournament – Opening Prayer
    Opening prayer at the 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council tournament at Lowell High School.
  • UFMAC Tournament – Group Competition
    Group competition during 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council tournament at Lowell High School.
  • Eskabo Daan Performing
    Eskabo Daan performing during the 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council tournament at Lowell High School.
  • 1st Annual UFMAC Tournament – Opening Ceremonies
    The Lowell High School Junior ROTC presented colors at the 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council Tournament.
  • Euro Pave in Japan!
    1km of uphill pave in Yokohama Japan…..oh Bliss!
  • CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION MARCH 27th 2011 (TM Five Seven Golden AK L85 MP5k)

    Gameday: March 27, 2011


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Most Notable Weapon of the day was a tie between a TM Five Seven, Golden AK, and an L85.

    Most Notable Loadout of the Day was a player decked out in British uniform complete with a L86.


    Remember to play hard, Fight Hard


    Please visit: http://www.milsimjunkie.com
    Please follow: http://www.twitter.com/milsimjunkie


    Let him know to visit MilSimJunkie @ CQB City


  • SRC Gas AK-74U in Action at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo 2011
    Thanks to the Sewell Gang from On-Target Airsoft, we got some ‘trigger time’ on the Demo Range at the 2011 North Atlantic Airsoft Expo with SRCs Gas Blowback AK-74U. Impressive build, nice accuracy and tons-o-fun…just watch Darin Sewell and our own "Botasky" Rock-‘n Roll at SHOWPLACE in High Point, NC All Thumpy’s NAA and SHOT Show 2011 Coverage is SPONSORED BY BIG BOY TOYS AIRSOFT and their new store in Greensboro, NC
  • Evergreen Airsoft Game March 3rd, 2011: Modified CTF -ASTKilo23-
    Evergreen Airsoft Game March 3rd, 2011: Modified CTF -ASTKilo23-

    this video has been modified by several minutes from its original format due to personal request by people in the video and legal issues.

  • Redwolf Airsoft – IWA 2011 Real Sword Booth
    Arclight swings by the Real Sword booth to find quite the variety of new guns from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality of quantity. We even ran into the son and grandson of Yevgeny Dragunov, designed of the real steel SVD, to see what they thought of the RS SVD.
  • Pistol Series 2 – WE 1911 MEU
    We look at theWE1911 MEU in tan from MainirishAirsoft.com
  • Airsoft Evike.com- Mid-Cap vs. Hi-Cap 101
    Airsoft 101

    Mid-Cap vs. Hi-Cap Magazine

    "Cap" = Capacity

    Mid= non-winding (generally 80~120 rds.)
    High= winding (generally 200+ rds.)

    For all the intermediate/pro airsofters out there…please feel free to comment below and let all the new airsofters know your opinions and views!

    Thanks for watching EvikeTV!

  • Luisito Espinosa
    Former WBA and WBC boxing champion Luisito Espinosa stopped by Eskabo Daan in San Francisco during a seminar featuring Sifu Leo Fong, GM Michael Giron, GM John R. Malmo, and GM Robert Castro.
  • MadBull Airsoft Licensed SUREFIRE Suppressors …Shhhh
    Introducing the MadBull full licensed quick-detach mock SUREFIRE suppressors.

    Featuring a lightweight aluminum, hard anodized, and quick-detach design. All mock suppressors come with a free compensator and attach to virtually any airsoft gun that has a -14 ccw thread.

    More info at::


    Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for contests and the latest news on our products.

  • "Nation of Riflemen: Why the NRA Rocks" by Nutnfancy
    You can thank the NRA that we continue to be a "Nation of Riflemen." Granted this is an ideal lost on many if not most, but in most states this national and personal security asset is alive and well…and protected by the NRA. Many reasons are given by usually reasonable people why they can’t or won’t join and participate in the organization. I address a few of them here along with my answer to each. The "protectionist" forces arrayed against the American gun owner are legion and very well financed. And yet it usually falls on the relatively small shoulders of the NRA to do all the battling as they have for years, many examples given. It takes commitment, courage, and lots of money to wage and win the battles in preserving and RESTORING the American right to bear arms. It is an individual right, God-given and yet many state and federal laws and statutes trample it every year. Through its NRA/ILA arm, the organization works tirelessly to overturn and prevent draconian laws that serve to limit, register, track, pursue, harass, and ultimately disarm the law abiding gun owner. All freedom lovers, whether here or abroad should be found within the ranks of the NRA. If you are a gun owner help pull your weight, don’t sweat the small disagreements in policy, and stand up an be counted. Being a Nation of Riflemen is costly and it takes patriots to keep it a reality.////////////////////////// NRA YouTube page at: http://www.youtube.com/user/NRAVideos; Join NRA at: http://membership.nrahq.org/default.asp?campaignid=XI020396 for ONLY $25 annually (Regular price is $35)
  • CyberGun/KWC CO2 BlowBack Desert Eagle Airsoft Field Report
    Let us know if you like these videos! Buy it here:
  • Black Ops Elite Airsoft Rules of Engagement by BoE Captain Rad
    Black Ops Elite’s Captain Rad briefs players on the Rules of Engagement. These are briefed at the beginning of every game day. Three of the biggest points stressed are: RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SAFETY.
  • 2nd April – a Reminder
    Don’t forget that the Daniel Maher day in on the 2nd April (Saturday) at RedBarn in conjunction with MainIrishAirsoft
  • Deepfire + Magpul PTS airsoft AEG collaboration
    Deepfire teams up with Magpul’s PTS dvision to provide branded professional custom AEG’s for the airsoft professional. They will provide deepfire m4’s with custom MOE handguards, cts adjustable stocks, and tactical PMAGS. four different colors will be released in the SIlver and Professional series models for a total of 36 variations
  • Pt 3, Kel-Tec Faces World’s Best .308 Battle Rifles: "Have No Fear" by Nutnfancy
    Pending///////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw
  • Pt 2, Kel-Tec Faces World’s Best .308 Battle Rifles: "Have No Fear" by Nutnfancy
    Can the Kel-Tec RFB catch up? It runs well in this Part 2 of "No Fear" as it continues with little lubrication with the various shooters in the TNP Sledgehammer Drill. Best score so far with the RFB is 32 points with Chad from Kel-Tec. But the FN 17S having thrown down 54 pts in the Nutnfancy Run #1 will be a hard catch (in fact the 9 hits at 200 yds is a course record). We are in for a few surprises though as an optics mount comes loose (good job Chad!), a pistol goes flying, the PMR-30s continue to jam, and even the FN 17S has a failure to feed. Did I say surprises? Actually it’s the norm as the Sledge course as it continues functions as designed, revealing real data that will be useful and entertaining to the viewer. Lunch time ensues with the fellas and we inhale the cajun grilled chicken on french rolls in the high wind. Speaking of wind, I generate a bit of my own as usual for a little more entertainment. As testament to his coolness, we treat Chad as one of our own as we continue working the guns hard and making fun of each other. Welcome to Part 2 ///////////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw

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