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An international Airsoft event in in the Philippines

by Arnie

Nol "Merdoc" Roxas has sent in news of an event that they are going to hold in the Philippines:

Sir’s and Madam’s,

I am organizing an event here in the Philippines that will most likely be on the Month of November. This is targeted as one of the biggest events in the history of airsoft here in the Philippines. I am soliciting your countries Airsoft teams who are interested to visit our wonderful country and play in a secure location with an area of not less that 2,000 hectares of heavily forested landscape and guarded and maintained by the government.


This will be a semi-milsim event that would run for 3 days with a multiple scenario event. Camp sites are available @ the site (LAMESA Watershed). If the teams in your country are interested please let us know. We will be organizing this event in behalf of the Local Government of Quezon City and the government agencies involved. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you guys soon. Please take note that this plan is currently ongoing and I am hoping to hear from all the other airsofters and alike for their response.

Nol "Merdoc" Roxas
AirSoft Event Organizer
Globe: +6329172790358
Smart: +6329286914269

Visit the website www.campmalauak.proboards62.com

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