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New developments at Elite Action Games Dorking!

by Arnie

Elite Action Games have been hard at work developing their gaming site:

New Developments at Elite Action Games Dorking!

Well its been a busy start to the year with various new things happening at EAG Dorking.

The safe zone is still moving forward with the replacement of the temporary canopies now complete. Both sides of the safe zone are complete with plans to cross the back and build a center section to accommodate more players. In addition to this we  have finally convinced the paintball owners of the site to do something about the blasted road. So you won’t need a tank to access the site anymore!!!

tn_DSC01657 tn_26042008(023)
tn_DSC01529 tn_DSC01579

Out in the field we have also been busy building three new gaming areas and adding to existing features. The US command post (CP) and surrounding foxholes now sport over a thousand sandbags and all are covered with camouflage, they literally jump out at you. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked where the CP is and pointed out they are only 20 meters or so away.

The British forces HQ (Camp Bastion) is nearing completion with various bunkers, a sniper tower and HQ. We’ve played this area a few times now and it fights really well.

The wilderness fort equally adds to the site, offering a intense firefight on route to the CP.

Our latest  addition is the new  WWII styled bunker  or "minimi bunker", this sport 360 degree cover  near a natural choke point (nasty), hard work to take but good fun equally.

Lastly, we’ve also done a load of work in the village, adding tons of extra cover and new buildings.

With on onset of summer the tree canopy  is thickening, the ferns are starting their upwards clime and EAG are getting set for another summer of varied airsoft warfare, in the ever change landscape that is EAG Dorking.

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