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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: September 28, 2011

by Arnie
  • M7 OKIV VI Documentary
    Title pretty much covers it.. This is the beginning oif a Vid Sharing Partnership I have with M7.. If there is more to this Documentary, look for an updated version of this Vid. It will be a long one, as I am compiling all of their Documentary footage into one Video..

    Enjoy, and dont forget to subscribe to M7..

    FB Page:

  • Pyramyd Airsoft Blog – PolarStar Custom PR-25 w/HPA Fusion Engine Unboxing Video –
    I had PolarStar do a custom install with one of their new Fusion Engines in my Classic Army CA25. This is the video where I unbox its glory.
  • Art of the Dynamic Tactical Spear Trailer
    Available soon for Preorder!!!!! We will be releasing a series; stay tuned for The Extra Tactical Art of the Dynamic Spear next year!

    While it’s the most versatile and violent weapon system in the small arms arsenal, the spear brings a level of complexity that requires extensive training to master.

    Join Elite Super Warrior Trainer Tactical Dynamics Instructors as they guide a diverse group of Spear warriors up an intense ladder of excellence. On this journey, the viewer takes a student perspective, benefiting as the students identify and solve problems with a variety of spear platforms. This 3 disc instructional set progresses quickly as it covers the fundamentals of Spear manipulation, weapon’s configurations, actions types, ammo management, and real life complex scenarios for the Home Defender, Law Enforcement Officer, Military Operator and Competitor.

    If you have read this far down and have not figured out that this is a joke… go shoot yourself please.

  • Condor Shotgun Scabbard Airsoft Review
    A review of the Condor Shotgun Scabbard for Airsoft Shotguns. In this video, we go over the practicality of this piece of gear.
  • Molle Tactical FSBE Style Carrier Vest
    I take a look at the Molle Tactical FSBE Style Carrier Vest from www.airsoftpark.com
  • Airsoft GI – KWA H&K USP Compact Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol

    A new addition to the KWA H&K USP series of pistols. The subtle changes to the gun’s features really give it a more aggressive look and add some extra utility to the pistol.

  • EvikeTV- Op: Black Shield (Choose Your Viewing Experience)

    Evike.com went out to Operation: Black Shield this past weekend & we got alot of cool things to share with you guys!

    We have created this video to let YOU choose your own viewing experience with the footage we captured that weekend. So take your time, choose what you want to watch, and let us know if you like this idea!
    Brought to you by – EvikeTV & Evike.com, Inc.

    Video Links:


  • 1:2 Model guns M1911, M92, DE by crw-airsoft.com
    Full metal full operational model gun 1:2 scale M1911, M92, Desert Eagle
  • CC Ruleset for NvS
    Click this link for the actual Rules list..

    Here is a link to the FB page for Combat City

    The Vendor for this event is none Other than Airsoft Barracks…

    Their FB page:

    Brief FPS Rules:

    350 FPS for Shoothouse & sidearms.
    400 FPS for full-auto AEG’s. 15′ min engagement distance.
    450 FPS for support AEG’s. 50′ min engagement distance. Support weapons are replica of real support guns. M249, M60, RPK ect.
    500 FPS for semi-auto sniper. 100′ min engagement distance. Full-auto MUST be mechanically disabled to qualify.
    550 FPS for bolt-action sniper. 100′ min engagement distance. Gas, Co2, Propane, spring ect. NO adjustable gas systems.

  • Echo 1’s Bleeping Subs
    That’s right guys. Echo 1 USA is trying to give stuff away. And for that to happen, they need to have 1000 Subs… That’s it, only 1000 subs.

    So, go sub their channel, tell your friends to sub, and tell them to tell rtheir friends to sub…


    Also check out their Facebook page for exciting deals and updates..

  • Spokane Airsoft: Operation Pegasus III (Reel Two)
    Operation Pegasus III continues with the Mugambi forces establishing a beachhead in Zamunda as part of their all-out invasion of the country in the third-installment to Spokane Airsoft’s annual two-day airsoft series, held in August 2011 at Dragon Wars Paintball Field near Colville, Washington.

    On the web @ http://www.spokaneairsoft.com
    On Twitter @ http://twitter.com/spokaneairsoft
    On Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Spokane-Airsoft/131729216912
    On Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/drag-rag/collections/72157622638768945/

  • EvikeTV – Featured Tactical Air Head Loadout of the month!
  • Airsoft GI – Airsoft Epic Sale Recap
    We would like to thank all the people who came out and support this event.
  • 3GN – The Weak Hand Reload
    3-Gun veteran Kurt Miller demonstrates the weak-hand reload of a shotgun
  • Echo1 TechSupport 1000 Subs Contest
    http://echo1usa.com/ / http://echo1usa.com/shop/
    Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this channel and LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/echo1usa

    M+ rating
    Un-Edited version will be hidden on the Echo1USA website and hint for it later this week.

  • 3GN — Pistol Presentation
    3-Gun veteran Kurt Miller demonstrates the proper pistol presentation to 3GN host Mark Wills
  • Final Part "Moonscape Backpacking" by Nutnfancy
    Let’s make a spear. I’m Tom Sawyer at heart, always up for an adventure and making a primitive weapon from the excellent Buck Hoodlum is a great way to live the life. Friend Cr0cket20 is a great companion in the outing. I show you how I fashion a strong pole from a fallen tree and tie together a most deadly and capable wilderness spear. We take turns launching this sucker into the snow to test the temporary 550 wrap I did and the balance. Mostly it would be a thrusting weapon to secure game stuck in deep snow or constructed traps. I show the digging capabilities of the Hoodlum and a pretty good icebox results. With limitations of TCE (time calorie energy), we have to scrap our other plans like snowcaving and some other wilderness projects I’d planned. Maybe later. Time to break camp and head out. Before we head down I do a quick rundown of my pack for the trip, the excellent and high value Jansport Carson. Another fun memory made with a friend and some excellent gear testing accomplished. Thanks for coming along! //////////////////////////Music licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw.//////////////This series is dedicated to fellow adventurer and knife designer Ron Hood and his family
  • WE 3 PX4 GBB Airsoft Pistol Review – RFR Episode 32
    The WE 3 PX4 comes with adjustable grips, easy access to clean and adjust your hop-up, and the ability to mount your favorite flashlight or laser sight. RFR review the gun’s accuracy, velocity, and tell you of their favorite features of the gun.
  • Youtube Is Going To Build An AIRSOFT FIELD!
    You read the title correctly, Youtube is building an airsoft field! This will be the first in the world so get in on the action now!

    Donate NOW! http://www.facebook.com/sfaa.inc#!/sfaa.inc?sk=app_18015191938

    SFAAFacebook. http://www.facebook.com/sfaa.inc

    Website http://www.sf-aa.org

  • Funniest Big Bang Scene of All Time
    I do not own any of this or claim too but I felt it was a shame if ANYBODY ever missed this!

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