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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: September 30, 2011

by Arnie
    This video is of the Umarex USP being chronographed
  • BCB 2011 – WBS
  • BCB 2011 – Survival Kits
  • BCB 2011 – Sandbagger
  • BCB 2011 – PMEK
  • BCB 2011 – PIPS Exo Flex Riot
  • BCB 2011 – NUAS
  • BCB 2011 – Location Marker Balloon
  • BCB 2011 Crusader Cooking System
  • BCB 2011 – Chilly
  • BCB 2011 – Camo Cream
  • BCB 2011 – Buccaneer
  • BCB 2011 – Blast Boxers
  • BCB – DSEi 2011 – NUAS Demo
  • Kel-Tec Sub-2000: "Fallujah Ready" by Nutnfancy
    The little Kel-Tec Sub-2000 is combat ready. With a Zytel frame and its lightweight, t would be easy to discount this compact, 4 lb pistol chambered carbine. Don’t. After extensively testing the "Sub2K" over a period of months, it made me a believer. Apparently everyone elese as well: every TNP crew member and guest that ran this gun loved it. Chugging through well over a thousand rounds in tactical drills and a lot of accuracy tesing, the Sub-2000 has proven itself to be one of the best pistol caliber carbines in the world. If you factor in its incredible small and folding form factor and extreme value (a $300 purchase price) it’s probably the best. Reliability was mostly excellent. As indicatated in the manual, the gun does not like aluminum cased ammo. That’s a shame because it saves money and weight in the POUs I indicate in my video "Pistol Caliber Carbines Don’t Suck (Afterall)" by Nutnfancy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INxDQZdkCzg). However with brass cased ammo, including various JHP loads, the Sub-2000 was nearly perfectly reliable (one jam, shown). Accuracy of the Sub-2000 is outstanding. When outfitted with the Kel-Tec aluminum QUAD RAIL, attaching a red dot sight is a snap and it maintains zero. It helped the gun to achieve the excellent accuracy shown. However with this rail, the folding feature is affected as discussed. I still recommend however as sling and light attachment to the gun are simplified. It adds little to the weight and size as well. The aperture sights are adequate as they come and I like the fluorescent front blade. But even this 2nd Gen version is tedious and imprecise to adjust. Ergonomics are good but you will have to adapt to the recoil tube, its required low check weld, and the aft-mounted and reciprocating operating handle. The trigger breaks around 6.5 lbs and feels somewhat like a double action but its letoff is crisp. There is some flex in the trigger as well. Be careful of the crossbolt safety in stressed shooting; it’s easy to half way engage it and thus prevent firing the Sub-2000. Firepower in most versions is incredible but I prefer the Glock Sub2K for its ability to accept all the normal capacity (33 rd Glock 18 mags) magazines. Alll ran with 100% reliability in the gun, to included the Scherer brand. Other versions of the Sub2K allow for magazine interchangeability (S&W, Beretta, Sig). The gun is offered in 9mm and .40 S&W chamberings; I prefer the 9mm for its economy and fired out of the Sub-2000, a good 9mm load will hit hard (+P loads welcomed here). Accessories abound and some of the best are made by Kel-Tec itself. They are reasonably priced and KT adheres to its high value formula here again. Check in to the Red Lion precision and Aztac accessories as well for other forend and sighting options. They seem high quality and well-engineered but somewhat expensive. Durability promised to be high and I see no poorly conceived or executed construction features. The huge steel lugs in the gun ensure the folding and re-setup is solid and secure with repeatable zero. Value is incredible of course the Sub2K. For its price tag you will get a gun that can stand toe to toe with some of the best submachineguns in the world. Nope it’s not a full auto but rule one is hitting what you shoot at and the awesome little Kel-Tec Sub-2000 has proven it can do just that in fast paced tactical shooting. If you’re understanding of the limitations of the pistol caliber carbine in your POU, you will find the Sub2K to be an outstanding performer. It remains a standard of measure for the type. ////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9.5 out of 10 (if threaded muzzle, 10 out of 10) ///////////////// Music: "Never Get Out" by Skywriter (feat. Brad Sucks)
  • McDonalds French Fry Football Drill
    Ok blame the iPhone I don’t know why it’s sideways. It was just too funny not to put up.
  • Airsoft GI – F-Chu Custom Daniel Defense Factory Lite SBR AEG

    This is the first super customized gun that Frank has made in quite a while, and it is a thing of beauty.

  • BCB 2011 Jungle Company Video
    These are custom helmets I do. I usually sell em once done on eBay but the Lambert helmet I’m keeping for myself and the Bradshaw is for my Dad for Christmas this year

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