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Upcoming Dangerwerx products

by News Fairy

Greatwatermelon has been checking out two new products from Dangerwerx:

I had a chance to meet up with Dangerwerx yesterday to have a look at two of his upcoming products that will hit retailers soon. The first product is the 2nd generation of his popular KMP9 threaded outer barrel, which is shortened by half of an inch (1.27 cm) and will come anodized in black just like his 1st gen. threaded barrels. The second product, that will be released soon as well, will be his High Engagement (H.E.) Hop Up Lever designed for the VSR-10/BAR-10 Sniper Rifle, anodized in a gold color. To keep up with Dangerwerx’s latest updates, visit his website at http://dangerwerx.wordpress.com/.

KMP9 Threaded Outer Barrel Gen. II-

H.E. Hop Up Lever for VSR/BAR-10-


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