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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 30, 2012

by Arnie
  • Airsoft War – Operation Cow Bell: Defend, ft Holy Cowz
    More Cow Bell! The Cowz are on defense, watch to see who comes out on top!

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  • Artificial Wear and Tear Paintjob Test
  • Rock ZB-26 Trailer – Redwolf Airsoft – RWTV
    The Rock ZB-26 is now available to PRE-ORDER!!

    Designed by Viva Arms, this Rock Arms AEG helps flesh out those WWII options just that little bit more. Though technically a Czechoslovakian weapon, it found its way into many hands on the front lines and as a Light Machine Gun it would no doubt be useful in games.

    Pre-order Link:

  • Airsoft Evike.com- The Evike.com Lipo Rechargeable Field Chrono
    The Evike.com Lipo Rechargeable Field Chrono coming soon!
  • HFC Colt .25 Airsoft Gas Pistol Review
    A review of the HFC Colt .25 Green Gas Powered NBB Airsoft Pistol; if you are looking for a lightweight backup weapon, this product may be for you! At only $20, the Colt .25 is an awesome buy for those just looking for a cool little gun. Buy it here:
  • Modern Warfare Juggernaut – Flyye Industries Dye Precision WileyX Condor Outdoor Tactical Gear
    Click here for tactical gear: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/Airsoft_Tactical_Gear_and_Accessories_s/5.htm?searching=Y&sort=5&cat=5&show=24&page=1

    Airsoft Megastore is here to provide you with all your tactical gear needs. Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore milsim player, we have something for everyone. Watch this video to get a glimpse of what you could be wearing while airsofting. Just make sure not to over do it! Be sure to check out our website for your tactical gear needs!

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    Website: http://www.AirsoftMegastore.com
    Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/airsoftmegastore
    Blog: http://www.AirsoftMegastoreTV.com

  • Airsoft GI – 200 Foot Range Test With G&G M14 HBA Short M14 EBR and Echo 1 ER-25K
    Semi and fully automatic sniper and DMR rifles are very popular due to their increased efficiency on the battlefield. These rifles allow the operator to not only engage their targets at long ranges as well as at closer range, without having to carry more than one gun. In this video, we’ve taken the G&G Full Metal HBA Short and the Echo 1 ER-25K and tested their accuracy at 100, 150, and 200 feet.

    Echo 1 ER-25K:

    G&G Full Metal HBA Short:

  • WE SVD update – Mar29, 2012
    Just listen to that thing!!! ^^
  • HIT TAKERS – Red1 Skirmish
    A great days shoot with the Hit taker group @ Red1 Skirmish site in North Watford, UK a 3 storey school site, with two tier playground and andother single storey block
  • REVIEW: G&G F2000 Tan Airsoft Electric Gun – CrazyNCMan Review Project -ASTKilo23-
    REVIEW: G&G F2000 Tan Airsoft Electric Gun – CrazyNCMan Review Project -ASTKilo23-

    This rifle is brought to you buy CrazyNCMan and the skirmish report protect. Check it out at:
    Also, check out:
    For other reviews on this gun, check out:
    Enjoy! And keep and eye on this gun as it continues around the US!

  • Airsoft War Gun Cam @ Cane Creek with crazyNCman
    This gun cam footage was taken at the new Cane Creek airsoft field in Barnardsville, NC. I have only done a couple gun cam videos so have not found good technique yet. Very hard to edit when you have hours of footage and most of it is of the ground or trees.

    Need ammo cheap? http://www.bulkairsoftammo.com


  • Inside the Mechbox: S&T HK G36CV Airsoft AEG Rifle Episode 28
    In this episode of Inside the Mechbox, ASTKilo23 reviews the S&T HK G36CV Airsoft AEG Rifle. Prodigy takes a look at the hop up chamber, barrel, gearbox and the bolt catch feature. Also, some advice on upgrades if you decide to upgrade this gun.

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