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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 1, 2012

by Arnie
  • "Llama Trek" by Nutnfancy
    Making Everest base camp with llamas. Ok, not quite. But mountains, snow, and a llama team make for another original Nutnfancy Project adventure, reminenscent of epic old school high mountain adventures. It seems like an approach to Base Camp in Nepal as we rely upon the the "boys" that are our llamas Rama, Casper, and Windstar to haul most of our gear to the snow line. Crocket20 and TNP guest Campfiretalk are my comps on the trek. Crocket’s bad back prompted my getting of the llamas to save this trip. Their home seems appropriate for this type of adventure. Hailing from the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, these llamas have personality and moxie. We journey up steep slopes with mountain veteran Allie the Mountain Dog who again impresses us with her prowess in snowy rough terrain. But they are not invincible and we soon find their limitations as the snow deepens. Deep snow threatens to break the legs of the "boys" so I have us make base in a mountain basin, adventuring from there. Allie and the llamas become fast friends. An ever talkative CF and I do a hard 1,200 ft elevation snow shoe and bushwhack to a higher meadow where the temperature plummets and the snow gets even deeper. Stunning night time skies greet us against the blue spruce skyline. From the mountain ridge on the way down we stand in awe at the city lights below. A long snow shoe descent is necessary to make the llama base camp by 10 pm where a fire and our tents await. The llamas are at ease in the camp but miss grazing due to season. Sun breaks on the next day and kinfe testing and some .22 plinking ensues with the crew; I always stay busy. It’s time to head down and it seems the descent is even more precarious than the ascent and some lose their gear on the way down…ooops. The adventures ends too quickly it seems. But we enjoyed our llama friends and having these kind animals make time in the high elevations even more memorable./////////////////////Music produced especially for and licensed for TNP by TNPr www.youtube.com/bryanisms
  • MG42 drum magazine test
    MG42 real drum magazine+Airsoft M4 electric magazine=MG42 electric drum magazine ! 実ドラムマガジンにM4用の電マグユニットを組み込み、ショウエイMG42用の電マグを作ってみました。爪付きフィードトレーは買うと高いのでノーマルのフィードトレーに自作のツメを溶接して製作。w 快調なフルオートができるようになりました。通常は0.28g弾を使いますが(ホップが最弱でも強めな為)、ストックを切らしてしまった為0.2g弾を使用しております。そのため動画内の弾道はかなり酷くなっております
  • How to Make the Coyote Trail Paracord Bracelet by TIAT
    Special Link: http://www.chapterprojects.com

    The Coyote Trail is effectively an integrated version of half the Bonobo Bar tying technique. Generating a firm design that emulates the look of a meandering coyote trail, the tie looks awesome as a bracelet — as the following video shows. Video Production by J.D. Lenzen of Tying It All Together.

  • Airsoft Evike.com- Matrix MOLLE Wasatch Vest
    You can find all the vest colors here: http://www.evike.com/advanced_search_result.php?search_in_description=1&keywords=wasatch&x=0&y=0

    Matrix MOLLE WASATCH Vest – (Black)


    Full MOLLE Chest Rig
    MOLLE Webbing on back panel
    Integrated Hydration Pouch inside back panel
    Integrated Magazine Pouches ideal for M4/M16/AK Size Mags
    Integrated Velcro Map Pouch
    QD Nylon Side Buckles
    Fully adjustable Shoulder and Waist Straps

    Color: Black
    Material: Heavy Duty Nylon
    Size: One Size Fits Most, Adjustable

  • Playing Airsoft Tommorow?
    I will be attending this event tommorow; for those of you who asked me if I was, I look forward to perhaps meeting a few of you.
  • Airsoft War "Anzio Camp" WE Scar, WE M4, LCT AK105, Glock 18c HD
    Im on FaceBook At http://www.facebook.com/scoutthedoggie
    Main Channel http://www.youtube.com/scoutthedoggie
    Alternative Channel http://www.youtube.com/scoutthedoggie2002

    Filmed at the "First & Only" Anzio site which is located near Leek in Staffordshire, England. if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the First & Only website at http://www.firstandonlyairsoft.com/

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/
    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

    Filmed using a Canon 1Ds Edited using Apple iMovie 11, edited on a 27" Apple iMac

  • Echo1 TimberWolf 50 rd Hicap Mag
    www.facebook.com/echo1usa – http://www.facebook.com/BRIANoECHO1
  • AirSplat On Demand- Echo1 M4 Troy Airsoft AEG Rifles Ep 96
    Troy MRF-S http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-E1-M4-MRFS.htm
    Troy MRF-MX http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-E1-M4-JP42.htm
    Troy MRF C http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-E1-M4-JP30.htm
    In this episode of AirSplat on Demand, Jake and Kristen review the Echo1 M4 Troy Rifles. These M4 Rifles have an FPS of 400, range of 180-190 ft., and a magazine capacity of 300 rounds. Check out what they have to say about these M4 Troy rifles in this special edition of AirSplat on Demand!

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