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Thumpy: Does the Pippa gun case have a Paris connection?

by News Fairy

Thumpy has spotted a story in the Daily Mail which he thinks might have a Cyber Gun connection:

THE BIGGEST AIR STUPID EVER???  And a Paris Connection to Cyber-G?

Could the Pippa gun incident be the biggest AIR STUPID ever?

"Prince William’s new sister-in-law is expected to be questioned by police after her companion pointed the realistic-looking weapon at a photographer who was following them."

From the Dailymail.co.uk story…link here…even if the gun was a fake/airsoft pistol, the penalities under French law are severe!

"If the gun was real, those involved in the incident face up to seven years in prison. If it is a fake, they could be jailed for two years."

And, an interesting twist:  If the pistol came from a French retail source, it is more than likely that it ORIGINALLY came from the trademark holder in France…and you know who THAT is, Thumpy followers….Cybergun.  Take a look at the photos, and decide for yourself…

"Sources indicated that the weapon looked similar to a Sig Sauer P226, used by numerous law enforcement and military organizations worldwide as well as by personal bodyguards."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2130734/Pippa-Middleton-gun-scare-risque-night-court-Pariss-king-decadence.html#ixzz1sILWKRKS


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