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UFPRO Sniper Garment System in PenCott Camo

by News Fairy

imageHyde Definition have sent over details of the latest products using their PenCot-GreenZone camouflage:

Slovenian clothing maker UFPRO have updated their website with up-close detailed photos of their Sniper Garment System made from Hyde Definition’s PenCott-GreenZone camouflage. They are also manufacturing the ensemble in Badlands. UFPRO designed and supplied the current Slovenian Army combat clothing ensemble, as well as garment systems for the Slovenian Customs and Prison services.


Visit the UFPRO website for further details about their Sniper Garment System: www.ufpro.si

Visit Hyde Definition’s website for further info about the PenCott Multi-Terrain Camouflage Pattern Family:  www.hydedefinition.com

(Hyde Definition)

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