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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 30, 2012

by Arnie
    SHEW FINALLY HERE!!!! UPS is horrible to wait on lol
  • ◀Red Orchestra 2: GOTY Edition, Achtung Panzer!
    I try my hand at some more RO2 Classic Mode, this time we get involved in some armored combat!

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    E-Lite is a new product of Advanced Identification Marking Module(AIMD) Silica gel construction with Velcro on backside, could attach on any cloth or BDU with Velcro on it. Identify your teammate at night battle,a safty signal and direction pointer at night walk.
  • SCDTV REVIEW DIVISION – Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant airsoft
    Another thrilling airsoft review from SCDTV Review Division! This time hosted by Irek and Adi who molested Zeta Lab’s Mosin Nagant gas rifle.

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  • Op Ice Thunder Pt3 – Repair the APC – Airsoft MilSim 1st Person Commentary
    The British forces, on the back foot all morning, attempt to regain the initiative from the Argentinians by getting their Armoured Personnel Carrier running.

    The 3rd video in a short series following MjrClangers recent Milsim game.

    Filmed at http://airsoftedinburgh.co.uk/
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    by Kevin MacLeod

  • Rad with BoE Airsoft & (Ret) Col Danny McKnight (Black Hawk Down) Signed Book Give Away
    I have had the pleasure to get to know Col McKinght during Airsoft Wargames at the Lion Claws events . This year we teamed up to give a signed copy of his book away to a random post made on this video below. We have two signed books to give-A Way . Pleas go to www.dannymcknight.com and you can order your own copy of the "Streets of Mogadishu" written by (Ret) Col. Danny McKnight U.S. Army Ranger Commander, Battle of Mogadishu Somalia 1993. YOu can also visit www.leadingforfreedom.com to support the Col and his book. Thanks for taking the time to watch and support us!
    Thank y ou to Col McKnight for his great sportsmanship in all the years I have fought him..Salute!
  • 魔Hop-Up Bucking Review (HD) – RWTV
    The Devil hop-up rubber from A+ Airsoft is all the rage right now with a substantial gain in BB velocity as well as distance. This new hop-up rubber can give your gun an immediate increase of 10% – 20% in FPS, and almost double your range with its higher performing hop-up. The design concept is simple yet we wonder why no one ever thought of it before. Watch this video as Tazz explains what the craze is all about.

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  • 美南ひなたさんインタビュー
    男性多数を占めるミリブロ・ブロガーの中、突如新星として現れた女性ブロガー・美南ひなたさんが綴る日記「ひなたコンティニューM」。サバイバルゲームとエアガンの魅力にハマった可愛らしい女の子の日常が日々配信されるとあって、登録後 早くも注目のブログとなっている。ミリブロ読者の 90% 以上 (いや集計するタイミングによってはヘタすると限りなく 100% に近いかも・・・) が男性なので、紅一点 女性ブロガーは注目の的となるのも仕方ない・・・、ついついポチッと新着記事のサムネイルをクリックするのは、男性ゆえのサガである。

    さて今回は、最近にわかに注目の集まるブロガー 美南ひなたさんへのインタビューをおこなった際のレポートを掲載。笑顔の素敵な彼女の魅力に迫る!!


  • "SOG Blink: HOF EDC" by Nutnfancy
    Go to http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Nutnfancy-Specials–914 for the special pricing. Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out of 10 (at the arranged $30 price for Black, 10 out of 10)
  • King Arms FN P90 Airsoft Gun Chrono/Shooting
    The performance test of the King Arms P90 Airsoft AEG with full trades from FN Herstal; overall, this is a solid performing gun that is in the end crippled by a poorly-feeding magazine. Buy it here:
  • Hazard4 Tactical DSLR Camera Bin & Jelly Roll Lens Pouch – Combat Photography Gear
    Airsoft Tactical Gear: https://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Chest_Rig_Vest_OD_Green/3557

    Better late than never, I suppose. The Tominator found some footage from Shot Show 2012 back in January, featuring a very cool company called Hazard4. Tominator talks to Josue, from Hazard4 about their "Forward Observer" tactical DSLR Camera bin, as well as the Hazard4 Jelly Roll padded MOLLE lens pouch, each designed for the tactical or combat photographer. Or just regular photographers who like to use awesome MOLLE gear to carry their camera gear.

    Hazard4, Civilian Labs, Hazard4 Forward Observer DSLR Pouch, Combat Photography Gear, Hazard4 Jelly Roll Camera Lens Pouch, Tactical photography gear, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Lumix, iPhone, Airsoft tactical gear, Pyramyd Air, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris, Tominator,

  • ◀Limbo – Eerily Beautiful
    Steam manages to lure me into yet another game, this time outside of my usual preference. I take a look at Limbo.

    Get Limbo -http://store.steampowered.com/app/48000/

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  • Too much Hop up for Echo1 MTC, ASC, M4, AK , SOB
    http://www.brianatecho1.com/ – http://echo1usa.com/

    MTC or SM parts:


  • more blur.mov
    Rosie Jones and India Reynolds reveal the secrets of being a Hot Shots Calendar Girl
  • The Strafing Run – May 29th, 2012
    The Strafing Run is your look into the world of SideStrafe, what games am I playing, looking forward to, or just generally ranting about? Stay tuned each week for a new episode!

    Check out Blacklight Retribution – http://blacklight.perfectworld.com/
    Check out Iron Front – http://store.steampowered.com/app/91330/

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  • The world’s best Airsoft trip wire Grenade? – We think so!
    I take a look at the new APS Hakkotsu trip wire grenade. I take a look at this über cool trip wire grenade. This device expels a 130+ decibel ‘bang’ when it goes off so care needs to be used in the placement of this device – i.e. preferably outdoors or on the outside of entry/exit points of buildings.

    For further information check out

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    This video was filmed at Hilltop Airsoft in Co.Wicklow


  • UTG Golden Image 4×32 Airsoft Scope Overview
    Just a quick overview of the UTG 4×32 Metal Airsoft Scope; this is a very nice scope for the price but besides the nice packaging, it’s really the same as any other on Airsoft Station. Buy it here:
  • ◀ArmA 2: DayZ – Morning Bean Run
    Enjoying another morning in the world of DayZ, the latest patch raises some very interesting questions.

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  • CAW M134 Tripod Test pt.2
    メンテ完了したので作動テストを兼ねて久しぶりにトライポッドを引っぱり出してきました。首を振りやすいようにベアリングを入れたら今度は軽すぎて違和感が。w 強風で砂埃が凄く途中で終了。計8000発ちょい撃ちましたが快調。

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