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TA Events Newsletter – September Edition

by Arnie

The TA Events newsletter has gone out, please see below:

Welcome to the TA Events Newsletter

As the title says, welcome to the first official monthly TA Events Newsletter.  The aim of the newsletter is to provide you with the latest dates and details about up and coming games by TA Events, from Open Warfare skirmish level games through to the international events such as Phoenix Rising.


PR2 Now taking place at Sennybridge


In case you are not aware already, the bid for Copehill Down Village was lost due to British Army training needs. This was always a risk with a village such as CDV and is the reason why I did not want to open the bookings until everything had been approved.

The new event at Sennybridge

So the event is being re-located to the Celieni Village within the Sennybridge Training Area, in Wales, with the event taking place on the 15/16 November.

This is an excellent FIBUA village located on the edge of the Brecon Beacons and was used for the first Phoenix Rising event back in April.

Is there a chance we could lose this village? The answer is yes, but there is a lot less risk of this happening due to the timings of the training taking place before and after the weekend.

The BTC Pipeline

For the Russian Ultra-nationalists, this is the final objective of their series of plots that has so far ended the cease fire of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenian and the NKR Republic and brought the region back in to conflict.

The BTC pipeline has been the source of Azerbaijans heavy military investment, and without it, Azerbaijan would have to seek another route for their Caspian Sea oil production.

This will be the ultra-nationalists last and final blow before returning to the motherland.

Phoenix Rising II

The Celieni Village, Sennybridge Training Area, Wales

?85 per player

15th / 16th November 2008




Skirmish meets MilSim, it’s called Open Warfare

NEWSFLASH: Next Game is on the 5th October, so book now!

Open Warfare takes some of the MilSim elements found in the previous Town Assault and current Phoenix Rising events and makes them accessible in a more casual day of skirmishing. But there will be no "capture the flag" type skirmish games at Open Warfare. Instead there will be scenarios based on realistic miltary actions, but implemented in a way that will deliver loads of great Airsoft action throughout the day.

However, there will be some key difference between the Open Warfare games and a TA Events Big Game event.

The key differences
  • Open warfare events are basically single day skirmish events with elements of MilSim thrown in.
  • Players can carry all their spare ammo on them. But only locaps and mids are allowed.
  • There will not be any strict camo rules. All players can wear whatever suits them but one side will have some form of coloured marker on their right arm.
  • The day will be broken in to several games vary in length.
  • There will be no strict command structure.
What the players thought of Open Warfare

"Well the first TA event i been to and i can definitely say, most excellent!" – Rabbid

"It was a cracking day with excellent plot and games…" – Skyrunner

"This was our first TA event, but we’ll definately be at the next ones! There was a good atmosphere, everyone was just there to have a good time which made a great day!" – RyanH

Open Warfare

Pippingford Park, East Sussex

?20 per player

5th October 2008



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