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UN Company 29092008

by Arnie

Here’s the latest newsletter from UN Company:

New Items at UN: For this week we have searched for a lot of new items at our shop. I will introduce them as follows:

1) King Arms Galil SAR KA-AG-15

i. It is of 7mm Bearing Version 3 Gearbox
ii. The Magazine is 130 Rounds
iii. The Overall Length is 860mm
iv. The Hop Up System is Adjustable
v. The BB Size is 6mm
vi. The Velocity is 330 FPS
vii. The Batterys is 8.4V – 12V AK Stick Type
viii. The Package includes an AEG, a Manual, a Magazine, a BB Loader & a Box
ix. The Main Building Material is Aluminium Alloy, Steel Alloy, Nylon Fiber
x. There is a 6065 Aluminium Metal Body
xi. There is 7mm Bearing Gear Box with Brand New Design Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism
xii. There is One Piece Metal Outer Barrel, Adjustabel Front Sight with Dummy Flip-Up Night Sight, Moveable Dummy Selector at Motor Grip, a Pair of Steel Sling Swivels, Full Metal Side Folding Stock, Official Licensed Gali Trade Mark, 130 Rounds Galil Steel Magazine
xiii. It is Capable to Store Up to 12V AK Stick Type Battery
xiv. It is Compatible to Other Brands Reinforce Parts
xv. For this it only costs US$ 432

2) Classic Army Sportline MP5A2 Wide Forearm (SP004P)

i. There is B&T Logo
ii. The Magazine is 200 Rounds
iii. The Barrel Length is 229mm
iv. The Battery is of Sanyo 1300mAh 8.4V Large Type
v. The Charger is 789A Mini
vi. The Package include a Gun, a Magazine, a Manual, a Battery, a Charger and a Box
vii. For this it only costs US$ 138

3) WE MEU Pistol

i. The Built Material is Full Metal with Rubber Grip
ii. The System is of Gas Blow Back
iii. The Hop Up System is Adjustable
iv. The Magazine Capacity is 15+1 Rounds
v. The Overall Length is 218mm
vi. The Package includes a Gun, a Magazine, a Manual and a Box
vii. For this it only costs US$ 92

4) Ares AMP DSR-1 Sniper Rifle

i. The System is Gas Non Blow Back
ii. The Material is Nylon Fiber and Aluminium Alloy
iii. The Overall Length ranges from 1000 to 1500mm
iv. The Shooting Mode is Safety and Single
v. The Velocity is 330 FPS with 134A and 0.2g BB
vi. The Hop Up System is Adjustable
vii. The Magazine is 22 Rounds with 6mm BBs
viii. The Magazine is New Design Separate Available Gas Magazine & Stick Ammo Magazine
ix. The Package included a Gun, two Magazines, a High Scope Mount Base, a Bipod, a BB Loading Tube and a Box
x. There is Ambidextrous Safety and Selector, Adjustable Handguard, Adjustable Butt Stock & Butt Pad, Adjustable Check Piece, Adjustabel Bipod (Auto Return), Extendable Rear Monopod, Aluminium Outer Barrel & Flash Hider, High Scope Mount Base, two Stainless Steel Magazine
xi. For this it only costs US$ 768

For more information please kindly check out our web site at http://www.uncompany.com

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