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AK-74SU, APS SR-2 and L96 at Airsoft GI

by Arnie

Airsoft GI have some new kit in:

Brand new at www.airsoftgi.com is the much anticipated Tokyo Marui AK-74SU. This thing is incredible.  The metal body and blowback action on it is a huge step up from the flimsy/plastic Tokyo Marui we’re used to seeing.  The hand guard is plastic imitation wood but you wouldn’t know it unless you looked really close.  All of these extra features are in addition to the performance and reliability that makes Tokyo Marui #1.


And don’t think we’ve forgotten about you long range players out there. Just in, straight from Japan, is the Maruzen APS SR-2 and the Tanaka L96. These are the guns that the Chinese clones are built off of, and if you’ve seen the Jurassic Park trilogy then you know that nothing is ever as good as the original.  Be sure to check out these great new addition and more at www.airsoftgi.com.

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Airsoft GI

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