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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: July 29, 2012

by Arnie
  • A&K Magpul Masada Airsoft Gun Review
    Today we have the video review of the A&K Masada, licensed by MagPul. This is a very nice gun with a solid external build and some awesome features, such as its seven position stock and flip up iron sights. The internals of the gun are really the only thing to gripe about. Overall, this is a unique gun that I really did like! Buy it here:
    Check out the DCA FaceBook page:
  • Spokane Airsoft: Beachhead! Episode 1
    The Story So Far.

    The Great War started and ended on October 23, 2077 when nuclear weapons were launched by all the nuclear-capable nations of the world.

    In two hours time the world was nearly wiped clean from the nuclear fire. Once the last bombs fell the world fell silently into a deep, dark, long lasting nuclear holocaust.

    The world did not end on that dark day over two centuries ago. Many humans, safe and secure inside their Vault-Tec vaults, went on with their lives below ground while the world changed above them. Hideous new creatures like the Radscorpions, Super Mutants, and Ghouls sprang forth from the radioactive slag left behind by the Great War.

    In the power vacuum left behind by the complete collapse of the government of the United States of America, small bands of survivors came together to being life anew in the wastelands.


    Spokane is infested. First it was the New California Republic, crawling all over the place, hiding in plain sight, stealing the GECK out from under your nose at Bell Air Force Base. Then it was the Enclave, taking over the Inland Northwest one forgotten hamlet at a time. They used to call this the Lilac City.

    Hard to think of the place as flowery when you’re being crushed under the boot heel of those thugs following President John Henry Eden. Join the Enclave – you get a shiny new outfit. Reject the Enclave – you get a bullet to the brain pan.

    Time to head west.

    Nobody’s traveled as far west as the Emerald City since the bombs fell. No one knew what happened to the Puget Sound region since the Chinese launched everything they had at us on October 23, 2077 in one last futile gasp of the Sino-American War.

    Walking along the blasted ruins of President Dick Richadson Parkway, down across the western slope of the Cascades, you start to see something has gone horribly wrong. Old freeway signs, street signs, advertising boards, storefront placards, everywhere you turn …

    Everything is written in Chinese.

    It appears Anchorage wasn’t the only place the People’s Republic landed after all.

    Beachhead! is Post-Apocalyptic Airsoft based in the Fallout universe. Airsoft event held by Spokane Airsoft in November 2011 @ Nitehawk Field near Reardan, Washington.

    On the web @ http://www.spokaneairsoft.com
    On Twitter @ http://twitter.com/spokaneairsoft
    On Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Spokane-Airsoft/131729216912
    On Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/drag-rag/collections/72157622638768945/

  • ◀Battlefield 3 – Border Wars
    Back to the old Caspian Border in this bit of Battlefield 3 gameplay!

    SideStrafe on facebook and twitter – http://www.facebook.com/sidestrafe

  • How to Make The Striker (Paracord) Key Fob by TIAT
    46% Discount Link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/paracord-fusion-ties-volume-1-j-d-lenzen/1111789941?ean=9780985557805 The Striker (paracord tie) is the unification of Endless Falls and the Backbone Bar tying techniques. Generating a solid looking and feeling bar, the tie makes an awesome key fob (shown in the attached video), bracelet, or strap. Video production by J.D. Lenzen of Tying It All Together.
  • SnowWolf Barrett M82A1CQB AEG バレット
    SnowWolf Barrett M82A1CQB(CQ) With Scope,$290

    電動ガンなのでフルオート射撃が可能です。w 付属のスコープは期待してませんでしたがそこそこ普通に見えます。

  • Airsoft GI – Project Reality Sponsored By KWA Teaser
    Saturday August 11, 2012:

    In an ongoing pursuit to give airsoft players the most realistic game play experience, Desertfox Airsoft brings you project reality. A gas blowback (GBB) only operation. All aspects of the game will be based around real world scenarios to include real weapon manipulation by restricting the game to GBB’s only.

    Location: Desertfox fields – 22732 Bryman Road, Oro Grande CA 92368

    Price: $40.00
    KWA LM4 or KMP9/KMP7 owner: $30.00
    Pre-registration will be taken directly through Desertfox airsoft

  • New Pistol Series – WE 1911 Standard Issue
    Over the next couple of videos I take a look at a number of pistols available from MIA.

    The Model 1911 was the product of a very capable person, namely John Moses Browning, father of several modern firearms. The pistol was designed to comply with the requirements of the U.S. Army, which, during its campaign against the Moros in Philippines, had seen its trusty .38 revolver to be incapable of stopping attackers. An Ordnance Board headed by Col. John T. Thomson (inventor of the Thomson sub-machine-gun) and Col. Louis A. La Garde, had reached the conclusion that the army needed a .45" caliber cartridge, to provide adequate stopping power. In the mean time, J. Browning who was working for Company, had already designed an autoloader pistol, around a cartridge similar to contemporary .38 Super (dimension-wise). When the Army announced its interest in a new handgun, Browning re-engineered this handgun to accommodate a .45" diameter cartridge of his own design (with a 230 gr. FMJ bullet), and submitted the pistol to the Army for evaluation. This is a gas gun, which means it’s powered by gas and doesn’t need to be cocked every time. It’s fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it does not require batteries to operate.

    Check out


    Main Irish Airsoft Home

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    This video was filmed at Hilltop Airsoft in Co.Wicklow


  • Airsoftology News #7: "The HK417, Echo1’s AMD-65, and No Batteries Allowed!"
    In this show: The UMAREX/VFC HK417 is out, a new airsoft event that bans batteries(?) and Echo1 goes Hungarian with the new AMD-65!

    Links from the show:


    Shameless self promotion:

    Airsoftology Web Store – Custom patches, shirts and stickers shipped anywhere in the world.


  • PolarStar Fusion Engine for Echo 1 M240B
    Echo 1 M240B + PolarStar Fusion Engine

    The auto-winding box magazine is controlled by the FCU and the air line may be routed out the bottom (as shown) or through the stock.

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