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Blackwater now in at Tactical Kit

by Arnie

Blackwater tactical gear now available at www.tactical-kit.co.uk

Blackhawk Tactical Gear Blackwater Gear by Michaels of Oregon is a line of tactical equipment designed to surpass all that came before it. It’s designed from scratch. Engineered for performance. Tested and proven in real world situations.

Blackwater Gear is designed and engineered by Crye Associates, who combine technology and user-focus in their designs and development of personal military equipment. Crye Associates’ design expertise has been used by the US Army and Homeland Security.

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Product testing and improvements come from Blackwater USA, the private agency renowned for its real-world tactical training for U.S. Departments of State, Defense and Transportation, as well as private corporations.

Detailing, manufacturing and distribution of Blackwater Gear is the role of Michaels of Oregon Co. For over 55 years, Michaels of Oregon has used its US-based manufacturing facilities to build award-winning products for the law enforcement, shooting and hunting sectors. With its worldwide sales force and knowledgeable customer service department, Michaels of Oregon is uniquely positioned to service the needs of Military, Law Enforcement and Special Operations teams who benefit from Blackwater Gear innovations.

Regards, Ian (Tactical Kit)

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