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More LCT Airsoft Product Reviews!

by Marlowe

While, I finally got around to it, after server crashes and a particularly unpleasant bout of sickness and diarrhoea. You may (or probably won’t) recall that I contacted LCT Airsoft a while back to buy some of their advertised RPK components from them. Well, here they are, and here’s the reviews with some brief extracts:

RPK Receiver:

The receiver is solid. VERY solid. It arrived cable-tied to a cardboard backing and wrapped in Taiwanese newspapers, and I have to say even this probably is not necessary for a receiver this resilient. Owners of Inokatsu steel receivers will not be disappointed; in terms of build quality this receiver seems identical in every way…


RPK Rear Sight

…What this exposes, however, is the fact that there’s a serious market gap for RPK sights. One manufacturer addressing this is LCT Airsoft. This is certainly very similar in appearance to a real steel RPK sight. Both windage and elevation work perfectly, with the windage dial accurately shifting the sight accordingly, and the elevation bar being a solid piece of metal designed to bite in place – unlike the Marui alternatives of old, which invariably slid up and down the sight before vanishing in the closest bush.

The AK / RPK Bolt review will follow as soon as I feel a bit more lucid, but for now that’s all from me!

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