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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 28, 2012

by Arnie
  • "Kizlyar Sterkh-1: Russian Excellence" by Nutnfancy
    Sidebar description and likability scale to be written at around 30K views.////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale 10 out of 10
  • "Al Mar Eagle HD: Everyday Protector" by Nutnfancy
    Get this slim and deadly tactical at www.cutleryshoppe.com, use code nutnfancy for FREE SHIPPING. Sidebar description to be written at around 30K views.////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale 9.5 out of 10
  • "Knives of Alaska: Elk Hunter Greatness" by Nutnfancy
    Sidebar description and likability scale to be written at around 30K views.////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9.5 out of 10
  • Airsoft Evike.com- OP: Lightning Strike III NY (Aug 10-12, 2012)
    NYCAirsoft attend John Lu’s Operation: Lightning Strike III in Buffalo, NY on August 10-12, 2012. Read the full AARs on NYCAirsoft, the definitive guide to airsoft for NYC. http://nycairsoft.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=1545

    Sponsor: www.evike.com
    Created by: www.chinodesignsnyc.com

  • "You left the rest of your team. They’re all dead." Z-DAY IV: Zombie airsoft game
    Zombie airsoft game held at Spokane Airsoft and Paintball in Spokane, Washington on October 20, 2012. Some zombies were injured in the making of this movie.
  • ◀DayZ: Namalsk – Fresh Frozen
    Taking a look at yet another map conversion for DayZ. It’s the cold and creepy Namalsk!

    SideStrafe on facebook or twitter – http://www.facebook.com/sidestrafe

  • Friday Night Zombie Fight!
    Zombie airsoft game held at Spokane Airsoft and Paintball in Spokane, Washington on October 26, 2012. Some zombies were injured in the making of this movie. Video shot by Anthony Delapaz with an iPhone 4S.
  • How to Make a Spiraled Solomon Bar Neck-Lanyard by TIAT
    eBooks: iBook: http://tinyurl.com/8oxjmw4 Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/8clfs8h Nook: http://tinyurl.com/8znongt The Spiraled Solomon Bar Neck-Lanyard is yet another Solomon Bar flourish that generates a unique twist to this otherwise stand looking bar. Shown here as a base to a neck-lanyard, the bar also makes a great looking bracelet. Video production by J.D. Lenzen of Tying It All Together.
  • でめちゃんの小言~鴨川研修編~



    お時間ある時に、ごゆっくりお楽しみくださいm(_ _ )m


  • AST new product preview: GK 74
    AST new product GK-74.
  • "Valley of Death RunNGun Pt 2" by Nutnfancy
    The Valley of Death Drill continues in Part 2 with TNPr Zant, myself, and the PFIs. The TNP RRA Elite Operator 2 makes a shooter out of Dad. PFIDude finds his chi and kills some steel. I show Zant some long range techniques and we talk about how wrong it is that PFIDad sticks a garden hose up his butt.
  • Shwell’s Operation Faded Giant Livestream with Adam 31 Oct.mp4
    That’s right folks, we are heading to South Carolina! Be here to watch us go through our gear and prepare for the roadtrip to Op Faded Giant being hosted by American MilSim… I am very excited to actually play airsoft.

    We are going to cover our AEG’s, our Tac Gear, our Comms, and anything else we can think of.. Especialy Bologna, we gotta find out if Adam had his Bologna and whether he shaved his stomach hairs or not.

  • Airsoft Evike.com- Replica SAPI Dummy Armour Plate
    You can find the SAPI plates here:

    Full Size / 1:1 Scale Replica SAPI Dummy Armour Plate for CIRAS and other SAPI plate compatible vests.

    Disclaimer: This is a plastic dummy plate and it is NOT bulletproof. This item DOES NOT provide ballistic protections. It is intended solely for costume, simulation and decorative purpose only.

    Material: Plastic
    Size: 240 x 303mm
    Weight: 260g
    Manufacture: King Arms / Phantom

  • WE Pistol Action 1911 & XDM
    Featuring the WE 1911 HiCAPA CO2 –
    WE XDM –
    WE 1911 Chrome –
    from Milspec Solutions & Raptor Airsoft
    available from http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk
    & RAPTOR Airsoft: http://raptorairsoft.webs.com/

    Created By: Yosser @ Airsoft Odyssey
    Follow us on:
    Blog: http://www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Airsoftodyssey
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Airsoft_Odyssey

    Starring Bamf, JJ Raptor & Sir Stehttp://raptorairsoft.webs.com/
    Camera work by Yosser, edits by Yosser @ Ellie T Dog Studios
    Title sequences & FX by Crawlerz2468 http://www.youtube.com/Crawlerz2468

    For custom & repairs check: http://raptorairsoft.webs.com/

    Pictures/Video Copyright 2012 EllieTDog Studios, Wigan
    Filmed on location at AAF6 – AirsoftArmsFair http://www.airsoftarmsfair.com/

  • PMAG GEN M3/USGI Test Video Installment #4 — Heat and Pressure Test
    This is to simulate minor blast effects without a solid object impact. Once again, it’s a USGI tan follower magazine and a Magpul GEN M3 PMAG, and the test consists of firing a standard 5.56mm blank into the side of each magazine from muzzle contact distance.
  • Airsoft Gun Review – Elite Force 4CRL AEG, Review, Shooting Test and Chrono Video!
    Another great addition to the Elite Force line up of guns. OEM by VFC, 400 fps and 1 year warranty! You cannot beat this gun if you are looking for a great outdoor skirmish rifle. See the 4CRS review here http://youtu.be/HGKfsgX6LDI




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  • ◀World of Tanks – Went Right Through!
    Three more rounds with various tanks on the public test server!

    SideStrafe on facebook and twitter – http://www.facebook.com/sidestrafe

  • AirSplat OD QR – Win A Valken Tactical Outfit Package!
    WIN A VALKEN TACTICAL OUTFIT PACKAGE! Courtesy of Valken Sports!
    All you have to do is Like AirSplat and Valken Sports Facebook page and like/share this video post on our Facebook! Winner will be announced November 2nd!

    Valken Sports Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/ValkenSports
    AirSplat Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/airsplat

    Valken MI-7 Airsoft Goggle and Mask BLK

    Join Thor and Crystal as they review the Valken MI-7 Airsoft Goggle and Mask! The MI-7 is a great value, you get expert fit and protection for a fraction of the cost of what a high end mask would cost. The MI-7 allows for maximum protection while keeping your field of view intact. The MI-7 is double-paned, has a thermal lens system, fog and scratch resistant polycarbonate construction. It also features extreme protection-double layer foam located in both frame and ear, and dense polymer frame

  • Zombie Kill of the Day 3 – FREE Airsoft Giveaway

    Viewer discretion advised. Video contains fictional gore and violence. Please stay safe during Halloween and DO NOT display your airsoft gun in the public.

    For the next 5 days (starting October 25, 2012) we will be uploading a Zombie Kill of the Day video for your enjoyment. Give each video a thumbs up and leave a comment (multiple comments will disqualify you) to win FREE airsoft guns or gear. Your comment must state what airsoft product you would like for us to giveaway. We are only able to giveaway items that are found on our site: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/

    It’s as simple as that. 3 winners will be chosen at random for each video totaling up to 15 winners. Winners will be messaged on Halloween, October 31, 2012 here on Youtube.

    *You may leave one comment per video.

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    Go To Our Website: http://www.AirsoftMegastore.com
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