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by Arnie

RA-Tech have sent in news of their products and some videos to watch:

imageHello, We`re RA-Tech from Taiwan. This time, we bring a special event for Christmas to all dear airsoft players.

If you order price has overed $200 USD, we will offer you free delivery service.

More than $300 USD, you will have 10% discount! From now to 12/31. Come and pick a gift for you or your friends!

RA-TECH complete bolt is our best-selling product. It`s made by CNC.

We provide every airsoft player for high quality and ultimate performance of product.

If you want to see the test video, please click the links below:

[VCR]RA-TECH complete bolt non-stop with auto-shot (YouTube)


Please contact with us by e-mail. RA-Tech e-mail: ra.ssh5915@msa.hinet.net. If you want to know our latest products, please browse the link [here]. (RA-Tech)

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