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A quick note for forum users

by Arnie

An error cropped up with the SQL database for the forums. The database is being repaired at the moment and should be back working without issue very shortly. Sorry for the headache but these things do happen from time to time. Things should be back up in about 15 minutes.

Update 02/01/09: (2029  GMT) All seems to be fine now

Update 03/01/09: (1000  GMT) The quick fix/repair hasn’t held so I’m currently conducting a complete rebuild of the affected table. This has happened before so I’m pretty confident that this will set things back to where they should be. Forums will be unavailable while I do this. Expect it to take a few hours. Fix ETA 1400. So far 173k of 196k records done.

Update 03/01/09: (1407 GMT) Ok that’s 3Gb of data rebuilt and it should all be stable now. Forums back online.

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