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ICS SIG 551/2 and ECHO1 MTC details from Airsoft GI

by Arnie

Airsoft GI have sent in photos and a video of the Echo1 MTC:

imageMany new releases are now available at Airsoft GI, first up, the Echo 1 MTC.

A spin off of the Echo 1 G36c, we at Airsoft GI have made a video that covers the special features on the MTC and a quick comparison with the G36c:

A full write up comparing the MTC to the G36c is in the works.  In the mean time be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/AIRSOFTGIdotcom) for next video review.

image  image

Another exciting release is the ICS SIG 551 and 552, and Airsoft GI has plenty of both models.  The ICS Full Metal SIG (Swiss Arms Licensed) has been a long anticipated release, and it is everything you thought it would be. ICS has easily outdone Marui with their full metal body, high quality plastic hand guards, official licensing, and performance. This gun is fantastic, it feels real, it looks real, and its all done for the price of the Hurricane 552 Metal Body that is made for the Marui. This gun comes with 2 High Capacity Magazines, the trigger guard swings out of the way for use with gloves, and the bolt catch is functional with a stiff spring for a great sound. The SIG is a unique looking, versatile AEG for both indoor and outdoor play. ICS has been on a roll with their latest AEG releases, and from the looks of the new SIG, there’s more to come. (Airsoft GI)

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