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Foam simulation munitions from MilSim Labs

by Arnie

image Here’s an interesting product idea from MilSim Labs:

Good day,

Mil-Sim Labs has just released a new line of replica ordnance, cast in soft foam. No longer do players have to resort to using children’s toys, such as fined footballs and rubber balls to simulate ordnance on the battlefield.

Most of the molds are made from inert ordnance yielding a very realistic looking product, but looks are just the beginning!

All of the foam ordnance accepts our new ACTIVE IMPACT SYSTEM tm .

The AIS triggers on impact, firing off a safe cap gun cap. Now players will KNOW a mortar round just landed next to them! First to be released is our “Heritage” series of WWII Ordnance

Available now:
50MM French, M-37 Mortar Round,
5CM German, Leichte Granatwerfer 36 Mortar Round.
German Stick Grenade
In production  (ETA late Feb)
Mills Bomb Grenade
US Pineapple Grenade


On the drawing board for future projects, Panzerfaust Projectile, Bazooka Rocket, and a British 2” mortar round.

On the modern end of things, we are looking @ 81 and 60mm US mortar rounds, M26 Hand Grenade, Claymore Mine, and a RPG2 Rocket.

The mortar rounds fit a 2” PVC barrel., dropping down the barrel smoothly. The M-37 has an optional tip that holds 10 grams of powder. For the modern player it also fits 40mm launchers.

The soft foam and lack of internal core makes this product much safer then the toy fined footballs currently used to simulate ordnance @ many events.



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