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UTG 30MM Long Eye Relief CQB Scope

by Arnie

There’s a new scope out from Leapers:

image Accushot 1-4X28 30mm Long Eye Relief CQB Scope

  1. High Tech for Fly Hunt, Drive Hunt and CQB Missions
  2. All Emerald Lens Coatings for Best Light Transmission
  3. Etched Glass Instant Lock Mil-Dot Reticle for Reliable and Effective Range Estimating
  4. High Quality RGB Side Wheel Illumination for Most Accurate Shooting under Diverse Light Conditions
  5. Flip-open Lens Caps Included
  6. Absolutely Must-have to Meet the Non-compromising Requirements of Long Eye Relief and Widest Field of View for Most Natural and Accommodating Shooting Positions
  7. Innovative Instant Target Aiming (ITA) Technology with Precise and Wear-resistant Click-stop Feature to Deliver Optimal Performance Under the Most Demanding Shooting Conditions


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