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OTT Battle Weekend

by Arnie

Chris P has sent over news about a new upcoming event at OTTA (Over The Top Adventures) who are based in Anglesey. The event is going to be held from the 11th to the 13th of March so if you’re local, or even not so local and looking for something active and engaging to do for the weekend why not give them a shout and book a place? Here’s the blurb about the event:

BATTLE WEEKEND 11th – 13th March

The small island of Anglesey off the west coast of Wales won its independence in 2002 and for a short time was a hotspot of revolt whilst groups struggled for political power. In Feb 2004 a small group of farmers attacked and burned the military air field at Valley. They were arrested by the authorities and charged. The riots that followed caused a split across the island with the newly formed Mons Liberation Front (MLF) causing terrorist atrocities across the island and mainland. A civil war ensued until The UN sent in peace keepers and the “Green line” was drawn across the island. A relative peace followed but in a small area near Amlwch in the north of the island an argument ensued over land rights and the peace in this area at least, was under threat.

Government troops of the Anglesey Republican Army (ARA) have moved into position to the south of this small area with the MLF to the north. A stretch of “No mans” land is all that keeps the two forces apart.

  • Friday – set up, We will be onsite from 4pm, camping is available, bring beer.
  • Saturday – admin, team selection, Command staff briefing. exercise begins.

    once the exercise begins you will be on the ground full time until end ex. Food, water and ammunition drops will be co-coordinated through the company commanders.. The protection of drop zones is a vital part of the exercise otherwise the troops don’t get fed, or worse, run out of ammunition.

  • Night ex – set up OP’s, Observe and report, maintain the perimeter, (Guard)
  • Sunday – More fights, more missions… aprox 1600hrs, End Ex.

The battle weekend is designed to test the capabilities of the gamer and will be as close as possible to a real military exercise. Have you got what it takes to sign up here….


(Over The Top Adventures)

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