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Updates and bits from around the globe

by Arnie

For anyone interested in the new Tanaka M500, which should pretty much cover everyone that loves the stupidly big and powerful stuff (that includes me) Mojji Sanken have added a page covering their thoughts on the new release after getting a chance to play with one.

The new large frame is obiously impressive, but in the shots you can see that the black of the metal cylinder doesn’t quite match that of the ABS frame. The rubber K-frame grips and the original decals are both faithfully reproduced and of note is a new secondary locking mechanism hidden on the frame next to the grip which I gather is a copy of that on the real revolver.

Over at PlumProject there’s news that their flat-top conversion for the SP GBB M16 is coming to an end as they are finding it harder and harder to come by usable M16A2 frames plus it looks like they’ll be building some with and without a fully automatic function according to markings on the main reciever body.

For anyone with issues with their possibly bendy and wobbly G3, X-Fire have launched a new chamber block for the G3 series. The new part sits in the join between the cocking tube and the main receiver along the main barrel and helps bolster the overal strength. Designed to be fitted to the standard plastic frame the new block will require some adjustment to be made to the upper receiver for it to fit, but this is all laid out clearly in the instructions apparently. The finished product comes in plain unfinished aluminium or black and costs around 4,700 Yen.

AirsoftScotland have added a British Army Bandolier bag to their pages today priced at £11.95. The satchel style bag was originally designed for carrying spare rocket grenades and still contains the removable grenade rack. According to the guys there is would also be ideal for carrying mags, grenades/pyro’s or your sandwiches!

Over at BoomArms there’s a new dummy T.E.G. reflex sight in stock that costs 35USD. Not one for me personally but I’m sure it’s wanted by someone. The dummy mount comes with a pistol and an AOG (ACOG?) mount.

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