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New products at RedWolf and Ricko TacLamp

by Arnie

Click here to visit RedWolfKeith at RedWolf Airsoft has sent over news from RedWolf and news of a new product from them. First up there’s a new tac light from Ricko that’s similar to the M900 lamp from SureFire but offers better value for your average Airsofter even when compared to the Laylax replica. You won’t be able to get the Ricko Tac Lamp from anywhere else, and RedWolf are open to wholesale enquiries:

Ricko Tactical Combat Light:
This stylish tactical light is a new and exciting product from Ricko! With lots of experience designing other kinds of consumer goods products, Ricko used its skills to produce this sturdy light that ressembles the SureFire / Laylax V900! These pictures show a prototype that is in the final stages of development. If the prototype is any hint of the final product to come, then the specifications are impressive indeed:

Full aluminum housing with polished striker flashlight head and butt cap. Powered by three CR123A batteries. Heavy guage ABS molded housing for rugged performance. Thumb screws ensure tight attachment on your gun, which is more than we can say for the ARMS quick release catch design on the SureFire which catches easily on your gun sling. A 200 lumen high power bulb is activated through either a twist knob on the back of the main flashlight housing, or by dual-sided pressure switches on the broom-handle grip. Two built-in LED navigator lights on either side of the main bulb can be activated using a third pressure switch on the back of the unit, allowing the operator to light up an effective 10 – 15 foot radius with white light for moving around.

Launch of this exciting product is set for March and will be sold exclusively at RedWolf Airsoft. Retail price is estimated in the $130 – $150 range, which is much more affordable than the $250 – $300 pricetag for a Laylax V900! Wholesalers inquiries welcome (please e-mail to sales@redwolfairsoft.com)! Keith Ng, (RedWolf Airsoft)

In RedWolf’s new stock lineup are the Iasus Noise Terminator series of radio headsets, designed for noise free radio communication and looking the part the NT range of models will fit dual pin Motorola, Garmin, Cobra style radio systems and also single pin Motorola sets.

Also on their pages is a G&P one piece outer barrel and tactical RIS foregrip for the M16A2/ M4 series, the G&P Military Type Standalone Grenade Launcher Pistol with four position retractable stock, and two nifty face masks from KingArms. There’s a half face mask and a full face mask from King Arms priced at 19/21USD, both are made from breathable neoprene with velcro adjustment straps so that they should fit most people and provide decent facial protection in skirmish environments. If your after an Aimpoint look-a-like scope there’s the King Arms Red Dot sight with L shap mount which is a full metal unit and certainly not bad for 62USD, there’s also some 0.3g BBs from Maruzen (6mm this time) and the G&P M16A2 metal front set.

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